Marketing a Business Website

Marketing a business website should include SEO strategies and the utilization of online marketing tools.

Other techniques in marketing a site includes creating a business plan, establishing a user-friendly website, providing concise and complete contents, and adopting other important online tools such as discussion forums, blogs, and social media.

Since most people are web-centric consumers, it is important for businessmen to reach their target-market by effectively using the Internet medium. By doing so, they can boost their sales and profit while gaining popularity among consumers.

Ways to market a website

Create a business plan

This is the most basic step in any business. In this process, entrepreneurs should establish the real purpose of their business, goods and services that will be offered, target-consumers, business structure, and scale of operation.

Know the basic of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical method to improve the quality and volume of traffic of a certain website through search engine result pages (SERPs).

This process also involves learning how search engine tools such as Google and Yahoo work and knowing the most widely-used keywords by Internet users when searching on a certain topic.

Design a user-friendly website

Websites should provide concise but brief information to the readers. Lengthy and vague sentences will most likely put off readers who might not be interested with a service or good the business website is offering.

In terms of layout, background, and visual appeal, websites should be easy to read and navigate. To do this, avoid neon colours and unnecessary designs that will only distract people.

To effectively utilize a website, companies should include videos, pictures, and other informative elements that may convince Internet users to try a product or service which is being promoted in the site.

Also, a business website should include shopping carts and other e-commerce tools that will allow people to purchase a good or service through online.

Avoid to much dependence on SEO

Several experts agree that too much dependence on search engine traffic may not be advisable since websites may suffer major losses if search engines suddenly fail to send visitors.

With this possibility in mind, a website should be linked to other sources. Several studies have proven that the main sources of Internet traffic are inbound links from other sites.

Use other Internet marketing tools such as blogs, discussion forum, and social media

Because these marketing tools are usually interactive, these are most likely to appeal on many Internet users.

However, new contents should be added regularly or at least two to three times a week. Failing to update will push a site to the bottom of search engine tools.


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