Lenny's Sub Shop Franchise Information

The fast growth of Lenny’s Sub Shop is noticeably undeniable because of the rapid franchise of their stores.

The business started with only one planned store but because of the great reception of people on their Authentic Philly Cheesestakes & Deli Fresh Experience, the store has expanded into different locations.

Serving the deliciously-tempting Authentic Philly Cheesestakes and the Deli Fresh Experience is what made Lenny’s Sub Shop famous in the United States.

About Lenny's Sub Shop

For the span of ten years in business, the company has already come a long way serving with lots of stores around the country. One of the secrets why people continue to love the product is because of the excitement on the product itself and the quality of each detail of every product.

It all started in Memphis, Tennessee in 1998 when the Lenny Sub Shop served its first Authentic Subs and Philly Chessestakes. At that time, customers’ reception of the product is unbelievable. People who experienced the product keep on coming even spreading the sub sandwich to their friends. The former plan of Lenny’s in having only one single restaurant has changed in no time because of the great demands that they have seen from the people. The company has grown rapidly and the franchises have become another way for the concept of the company to be shared in other places. Because of the great need to expand, Lenny’s has become a Lenny’s Franchisor, LLC’s ownership. In a short span of time, the company has truly expanded in different locations.

Secret of Lenny's Sub Shop

Lenny’s pride has always been their Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks and The Deli Fresh Experience, a product which you can find only in their restaurant. The secret to their unique product is the detail of placing each freshly-sliced meats and cheeses in a high pile of fresh baked breads. A regular-sized sub sandwich will contain about a half pound of meats and cheeses. On the other hand, a large sub contains about one pound of meats and cheeses! There is no wonder why people are always excited to experience it and wants to enjoy it over and over again.

Because of the success of the business concept, they have decided to share it to people who also want to become part of the winning sub sandwich. By being a franchisee, you can have the commitment and the pride of serving “More Food, More Taste, More Personality.” The franchising opportunity in Lenny’s has become multi-unit because of the excitement surrounding their brands and well-capitalized franchisees. The franchise of Lenny’s has been growing rapidly and right now, there are store locations in 19 states.

Costs and Fees

By being a franchisee, you only need $150,000 liquid capital investment. The total investment is only $174,000 to $280,500 where you can be guaranteed with financing assistance via third party and also training and support.


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