How to Start Custom Engraving Shop

Starting a custom engraving business is easy; you just need to be patient and zealous enough to be successful.

Engraved logos or name really last forever, unlike stickers or any printed form use in a product promotions it can be easily remove.

Engraved names on a promotional item can be more effective because logos and company name is permanently mark on a promotional item.

Starting a custom engraving shop is a unique business as you may think; there are lots of opportunities in starting your own custom engraving business. You can actually start this business even at your home from there you may expand and put up a store in a commercial area.

As an initial investment, starting a custom engraving shop does not need much and as mention above you can actually start it at your home. No need to worry about lease and rental fee. Of course you will start with little investment; one of the important investments to start a custom engraving shop is an engraving machine.

The machine is not hard to learn and in a short time you can easily learn how to operate it and know all its functions. In this way you do not hire an employee to do the job. At start you may do the engraving job. You can engrave wood, stone, rubber, fabric, leather, glass and a lot of kinds of materials. You can start with engraving names on a pen or those trophies.

You can also try to make business proposals on small companies by offering your custom engraving service. You can help them with engraving their logos or company name on a promotional item such as pens, plaques, toys, cabinets, keychain and many more.

There are lots of entrepreneurs who are successful with this business out of their home. The competition in this kind of business is very minimal that is why many companies are searching for a custom engraving shop. Try to look around your area and see if there are any engraving shop business and if there is none, then you can assure success with custom engraving shop.

To make your shop known in your place, make a signage in front of your home and include services you offer. You can also try to give away flyers prior to your opening day. In going to different companies, give them at least something that can remember your service such as a business calling card.

And when you have established your business, you may want to expand by creating a website for your business. From there you can have lots of clients and of course the most important thing is that, put quality on every thing you do, happy customer would refer you to their affiliates and a possible additional income for you. You also do not need to dish out a lot of money in this kind of business; with an effective marketing strategy and quality service, you will make your business reputable and successful.


  • Scholastica Sibenge said on December 12, 2011
    Hello. Please may I know the ideal Engraving Machine , I should buy first . And the cost prize. I would like to start an Engraving Business from Home. All positive ideas are welcome! My name is Sho Sibenge : ID. . Harare. Zimbabwe
  • zubair said on August 1, 2012
    hi please advise the best engraving machine. i want to start custom engraving shop .what is the cost and how to start. please give detailed guidance .i don't have prior experience in this field. i want to start business in Bangalore city in India. thanks zubair
  • zivai pabwe said on May 14, 2013
    hi. my name is Zivai Pabwe and i live in Masvingo town in Zimbabwe. i want to start an engraving shop at my home so can you please give me all the details i need to know because i do not have any idea how things must be done. please include the prizes of machiones and the places in Zimbabwe where i can get them. thank you in advance.
  • jacques said on August 21, 2013
    hi my name is jacques and i would really appreciate some help as to the type of engraving machine i should purchase to start of with. i'm based in seychelles and it would be a great thing to have engraved souvenirs especially from tourist and other companies. regards JB
  • Jason Emerson said on September 10, 2014
    I already have a 3 axis cnc router which will do engravings. My workable cutting area is 23.75x15.75 and I have about 3" of total Z axis travel minus tool and sacrificial mdf to protect the aluminum t-slot table. I am in BridgeCity,Texas 77611


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