Making Money by Becoming a Distance Learning Instructor

Are you a qualified instructor? Are you proficient in using computer and Internet technology as instructional instruments? If not, are you supportive of the idea and would like to learn how to use modern modes of communication as instruction tools?

Learn from our basic guide how to become a distance learning instructor.

The birth of distance learning is not without controversies. There are those who have questioned the efficiency of learning remotely through the use of multimedia and computer-assisted technologies over that of the traditional face-to-face learning process. Nonetheless, instructional programs facilitated at a distance continue to gain popularity.

If you look at job ads, you’d notice that opportunities to become a distance learning instructor exist for instructors knowledgeable in using computer and Internet technology as instructional instruments. Simply said, the ability of an instructor to use modern modes of communication as instruction tool is another item (a novel one at that) in his list of credentials. It does not put his ability to teach at the back seat. Institutions looking for distance learning instructors -- may it be a fashion design one or a security training provider – require that a successful applicant is both an expert at conventional teaching and in using information technology to assign projects or hold discussions -- alternatively through e-mails, message boards, or chat rooms. To deduce, any qualified instructor wanting to take advantage of newer technology to teach students may aspire to become a distance learning instructor.

And so, to become a distance learning instructor, one must be a qualified teacher first. It means getting the required degree to teach a discipline, getting some required teaching certifications, and accumulating years of hands-on experience as an educator. But because distance learning through webinars, E-Class, correspondence courses is new and it uses non-traditional medium such as Web, CDs, DVDs, MP3 files to instruct students about various disciples, delivering lessons effectively is a new challenge even for veteran instructors. Not only will they have to think to get a way behind the difficulties such as the lack of live interaction provided by traditional teaching method, but they also have to be knowledgeable in using online communication means such as chat rooms, and instant messengers to interact with students.

And so, if you are a qualified teacher and you want to foray in this unfamiliar territory, you can enrol in certificate programs aimed at helping instructors become proficient in this new field. There are certification programs being offered to, among others, enhance an instructor’s leadership skills in a virtual setting, teach educators and trainers strategies and techniques on how to teach online, or help them become proficient in computer technology to make them efficient in this novel profession. These programs are available in schools and in learning centers that especially cater to this special need, like the eLearning Innovations and the


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    I want to start correspondence courses ( Distance Learning Education) like MBA and MCA what is procedure to start the correspondence courses please help me
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    I want to make my career as a distance instructor.Ashok Kumar. Unique Institute of English language. Near Kissan Bhawan On SBI Road Pundri Dist Kaithal State Haryana India


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