Starting a Custom Mug Shop

Are you planning to start a custom mug shop? Do you see that this product is used by almost every individual be they in their homes or office? If you do, then you are right. Custom mug is a no-brainer gift and product that everybody loves.

In order to start reaping good profit from this kind of business, here are just a couple of tips on how to do it.

There is no doubt that one of the ‘no-brainers’ kind of gift or product that any entity, either a person or a company, that is usually bought and given is that of the mug. Considering the fact that every member of the house uses mug to drink his coffee or chocolate, a mug is always a welcome idea to be bought or received in special occasions. It is also no different from those who plod their day in the corporate world where the demand for coffee is high just to keep abreast with the fast pace of the working world, the use of mug is inherently valuable. And if you are an aspiring entrepreneur who has little knowledge about business, it is safe to say that venturing in the custom mug shop industry is a good choice.

The question now that lingers in one’s mind when he is planning in starting a custom mug shop is how to do it. Below are just several of helpful tips on how to pull off this easy and brisk business.

Find a Good Dealer When Starting a Custom Mug Shop

Anticipating a good deal of orders for your custom mug shop should make you think of a good, reliable dealer that will supply you with every kind and size of mug you are offering your patrons. This is a common solution if you yourself cannot make or produce your own mugs. It is easy just to get connected with mug manufacturers. The advantage of this strategy is that you usually get a good price for every mug that you order from these dealers since you will surely order from them mugs in wholesale terms.

Find a Good Location when Starting a Custom Mug Shop

There are 1,001 strategies on how to sell your custom mug to the public consumers. You can use brochures, advertisement in local newspapers and magazines or even the Internet. Given these marketing strategy is already in your disposal, still nothing beats the fact that a good location where a good customer traffic exist is far better than these aforementioned marketing strategy. It is good for the business if you can set your custom mug shop in a mall or well-visited places. The success of the art of selling to your patrons in this situation will be decided by the product itself that you are offering. A small kiosk in a mall is a sure thing that you will get a steady stream of customers ordering for custom mug.

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  • Mamotshabo said on October 6, 2011
    Norkem Park,Gauteng province,South Africa,hi please help with more advices on custom mugs,am planning to start it,just shops in my area are expensive to rent,how can i best run this business


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