City Publications Franchise Opportunity

A City Publications franchise opportunity is really advisable for those who want to have a home-based business with established list of returning clients.

City Publications is a unique company that offers their services to any interested clients who wants to reach more of their target market.

What City Publications does is to produce 4-color glossy postcards and then send them by mail to a lot of homeowners in a specific area. In a nutshell, they offer inexpensive but effective ways of marketing and advertising services for both established and start-up businesses. As majority of their previous clients would attest, a lot of them are really satisfied with the services and have been receiving the rewards for that in just a short span of time.

Even in this day and age of modern technology when most of the general public uses the internet, it is still undeniable that the traditional snail mail can still do wonders and could be an effective tool when it comes to advertising and marketing various enterprises, regardless if they are selling products or offering services. That’s why City Publications remains consistent when it comes to sending out their postcards every quarter to targeted homeowners. While their services could be much cheaper than advertising spots for television, radio, print media or the internet, they can assure their clients that investing with them could yield great profits. At the same time, they make it a point that their postcards are professionally designed and packaged so that high income households wouldn’t have any hesitations when it comes to patronizing the businesses that City Publications endorse.
Actually, City Publications have also started offering franchises to interested individuals who want to start out on their own. There are a lot of advantages that franchisees could get such as low overhead. At the same time, a City Publications franchise owner also doesn’t have to worry about inventories, or even hiring employees. City Publication franchises can be run from home and entrepreneurs can even establish their own offices from their home offices too.

Along with that, franchise owners have the liberty to work according to their own hours. So that only means that the potential to earn is unlimited at the same time. The repeat customer base percentage is also huge and can lead up to 70-80% every year. As what some observers say about the company, they really have stable opportunities even for new players in the industry.

Founded in 1996, City Publications began offering franchises since 2002 and the number of people wanting to become franchise owners has dramatically increased until the present. The statistics would indicate that there are at least 5% of the franchisees who own more than one unit. As of this writing, the company is also seeking to expand in areas such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Europe and the United States, of course.

Of course, there are certain qualifications before a franchise application can be approved. For example, the net worth requirement would be $150,000 and cash liquidity requirement would be for $100,000. Adequate training will likewise be provided to help entrepreneurs get of to a good start with their own City Publications business. The total investment is about $78,700-$267,900. The initial franchise fee is $75,000.


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