How to Start Home Based Greeting Card Business

It is easy to start your own greeting card business. Below are some of the ideas that you need to know on how to start home based greeting card business.

This business can bring out your talent and skills in writing and drawing.

You might be interested on creating unique and colourful greeting card. If this is the case then you can consider having your own greeting cards home business. It is a business with income potential and incredible growth. You can also have several options in the business itself. Below are some ideas if you want to learn more on how to start home based greeting card business.

The only needed skill in this type of business is your talent in writing and drawing. With the same business you can be selling cards or e-cards sold in stores. It would also allow purchasing a territory from a bigger card distributor.

The first step in starting a greeting card business is to decide on the part of the greeting card business that you need to focus on. If you are a freelance greeting card artist, your main focus would be on designing cards for other companies. In this case you need to purchase a graphic art software and a computer if don’t have these items yet.

If you choose to be a freelancer card writer, your home based greeting card business will focus on writing phrases to be used on cards. If this is the case all you need is a computer for faster turn around time.

You can also become both an artist and writer. In order to get the business rolling you need to find companies that hires freelancer. It usually pays from $50 per assignment to several hundreds per assignment. You are required to submit a portfolio of samples, and sometimes you need to compete with others by presenting a unique and the best option for your client.

One more option is to buy a vending route from a bigger greeting card company. This can become your first step in the business. You need to maintain present clients stocked in cards, change the old cards with new ones and have new clients to build your money. You need to have a start up costs that can run from hundred to thousand dollars in inventory. But if you forward the card the cards to the clients, you will get your payments instantly.

You need to focus on the different aspects of greeting card business if you want to start your own line of cards. You write and design each greeting card inside and out. You can bring out your creativeness and no one can stop you from doing what you think would make the card unique. You have the freedom to decide on things and it can clearly say that this is your greeting cards business.

To market your business, the best tool that you can use is the internet. There is no need for you to compete with larger greeting card companies. All you need to do is to create a special niche for the cards you are promoting on the web and in small local stores.


  • Rajan Verma said on May 12, 2010
    Hi, I am interested in starting my own Greeting Card Printing Business at home. I have a big hall at home of around 20 by 20 ft. Please guide me regarding what machinery to buy, capital investment required, raw material needed, etc. asap. I live in Chandigarh(India).
  • sunita said on February 4, 2013
    hi, i am interested to start my own greeting card printing business at my home. please suggest me what to do. i am from odisha
  • Mamela Qinga said on April 23, 2013
    Hi, i am very much interested in starting a home-based greeting card business. I am a good writer but would like to be involved in both aspects of the business-writing and design. besides purchasing the graphic art software should I need any form of training here? What about photography? Is it necessary for me to learn that skill? From the greeting cards I see in retail shops the ones with real photographs hold the most appeal for me. Please advise. Republic of South Africa, City of Cape town, township of Gugulethu.
  • Lesley horn said on September 25, 2013
    I live in Spain and realize there little or no greeting card companies. Is this possible? Thanks, Lesley Horn.


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