Buy a Kiddie Academy Child Care Learning Centers Franchise

Extend your passion for children and put up your own Kiddie Academy childcare learning center. Being one of their franchisee, you are certain for their full cooperation on helping you establish and empower your own.

Kiddie Academy Child Care Learning Center is an education-based childcare facility established in 1981.

They are known for their unique operating systems and curriculums that are of high quality and profitability.

Maintaining consistency in the value of their services, Kiddie Academy examines every franchisee to see whether they share common vision with them, which is rendering education to children. However, there are factors that you also need to consider to ensure the success of your business.

First is to check whether the franchisor’s requirement match over your capacity and whether your demands match to what they are offering. Next is to get a gist about their business model. Do you think that model can help you prosper the business? Another is the investment required and the financing options. Lastly, see if they provide training and proper management backing so you can start the business right. It is also important to know whether the business is in demand and if the industry where they belong is growing.

If the business fit with your requirement and expectation, then it is a potential franchise. Franchising has always been a safe way to establish your own business especially if what you are franchising is close to your heart. And if you enthusiast of children and childcare, then Kiddie Academy will suit for you.

Most parents preferred Kiddie Academy due to its child-led and teacher-guided approach to learning. Their curriculum is child friendly and can be easily integrated. They also inject family and community values, which enhance social behavior of the child.

Kiddie Academy provides franchisees with management support dealing with the overall business procedure, resources, trainings and programs that are proven to provide customer satisfaction. They also continually improve and develop new systems, methods, programs and curriculum to better enhance the quality of franchise services. In addition, Kiddie Academy will assist you in securing financing for your franchise.

They also aid franchisees with the total marketing and advertising effort. Along with this is a pre-opening, grand opening and ongoing enrollment programs as a promotional strategy.

On the whole, what Kiddie Academy assures is that they will provide their franchisees with a concrete business plan that can be altered and modified to meet also your business goals.

The franchising process includes preliminary qualification report, and a brief pre-screening interview. You will also be given with Franchise Disclosure Documents to fully understand procedures and benefits for franchising.

On the other hand, investment for franchising ranges from $450,000 to $3.7M. Minimum financial requirement is liquidity of $150,000 and net worth of $450,000 for single unit and a liquidity of $450,000 and net worth of $1.5M for three units.


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