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People who are highly interested to become an AlphaGraphics franchisee should read this article so that they will get a good idea about what awaits them.

AlphaGraphics is popular to the public these days as the pioneer when it comes to the industry of graphic communication.

More than 30 years ago, it was AlphaGraphics that revolutionized the field and became the first desktop publishing retailer in the United States. At the same time, they are the first US-based printing franchise that made it happen to make expansions on many different countries. Presently, it is only them that has achieved a certification from the International Organization for Standardization for their visual communications franchising efforts. This certification was definitely something noteworthy because this is only given for those that have excellent management and assurance standards.

The humble beginnings of AlphaGraphics can be traced when it first opened in Tucson, Arizona during 1970. They started franchising nine years after that. Two decades after the company has been established, AlphaGraphics have really expanded much that they had many shops scattered all over North America, Europe and even in Asia. Currently, they already have almost 300 stores in the United States and in nine countries as well.

AlphaGraphics have really become well-known because of their excellent service when it comes to printing, copying, and even publishing services such as making personalized business forms, stationery, presentation folders and many others. Of course, they are also offering web designs for those who want to improve their website layouts.

Simply put, if it has anything to do with visual communications, you can count on AlphaGraphics to do that for you. Their expert team members will not only come up with the best designs that they can possibly produce but they also communicate with their clients to make sure that their services will be personalized for the individual and that it would be something that the clients can really use. Because of their excellent services, AlphaGraphics definitely continues to dominate the field and remains unmatched by their competitors in terms of quality and expertise.

If you are interested to become an AlphaGraphics franchisee, you have to know that there are certain requirements for that to happen, of course. First of all, you should be someone who enjoys owning a business-to-business franchise. You need to have some background about business so you would know how to handle matters well for your own franchise. Being enthusiastic and having previous experience regarding sales could also work for your own advantage. Of course, you should have some marketing skills and general business experience. Additionally, your net worth should be equivalent to $450,000 and your cash equity, $150,000.

On the other hand, the cost for the total investment would be around $237,000 to $374,300 and for the franchise fee, it would be $30,000. Commonly, the term of contract would initially be 15 years but that can also be renewed.

Once your franchise applications get approval, you will receive 4-week training at their headquarters which would shortly be followed by 2-week training at your own location.

As you become an AlphaGraphics franchisee, you will see that this is definitely a profitable business venture that gets you some huge earnings in the field.


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