Bellini Furniture Franchise

This article discusses the features of Bellini Furniture. Also, this also provides a step-by-step process on how to have your own Bellini Furniture Franchise.

Bellini is one of the country’s most distinct specialty retail boutiques with its quality and one-of-a-kind products coupled with franchise partners who were specially selected and handpicked.

Nowadays, the juvenile and infant market is teeming with more financially-able and more generous parents who are keen and willing to provide the best and everything for their little ones. But these spenders do not just waste their money for nothing; they are also wise, too. This is the very reason why they have become into Bellini’s furniture design concept: “furniture that grows with the child”.

Other than being a stylish and durable juvenile furniture, the Bellini franchise boutiques has other feature in additional and it has wide collection of products that are customized and made-to-order beddings, custom-made wall decorations and hangings, kid strollers, original artworks, lamps and lighting fixtures, and high chairs. Among the variety of products, desks, desks accessories, lumber beds, and mirrors are the ones that guarantee the constant influx of customers. This is because such items are only available through Bellini Furniture.

Bellini Furniture takes care of its franchise owners, too, as if they are their customers. The Franchise Agreement provides a stipulation regarding a specific location and the exclusivity of the area it covers. With Bellini Furniture, franchise owners can be assured of their investment as the management take measures and steps in research and development to further help its franchisees in ensuring the success of a franchised unit. From the selection of location to what products should be put on display, selection of merchandise, the management and people of Bellini Furniture will be there with you!

You can have your very own Bellini Furniture Franchise in 5 Steps:

Step 1. Program Review. Read the program as well as the concepts of Bellini Furniture Franchise from the materials given to you. Should you have any queries, contact the appropriate person and raise your concern. Depending on your target location or territory, you may contact various individuals: for inquiries from territories in the East of Mississippi and State of Arizona, you can contact the director of franchise development for East Coast and for inquiries coming from territories in the West of Mississippi, State of Michigan and State of Indiana, you may contact the director of franchise development for West Coast.

Step 2. Completion and Submission of Franchise Application. Although returning a Franchise Application is not obligatory, it signifies for how interested you are in the program and enables the management to pursue the review of your qualifications as a potential franchise owner of Bellini Furniture.

Step 3. Visit the Franchise Sales Office and the Company Stores. After the review of your qualifications, you will be contacted so that you may raise any concern you have or ask any questions. Also, you may also be scheduled in visiting the Bellini Franchise Sales Office. The expenses you incur for your transportation can be reimbursed once the Franchise Agreement has been signed. This visit provides you the opportunity to further gaze at Bellini stores as well as its facilities and be able to meet the people behind training and support.

Step 4. Review of Uniform Franchise Offering Circular. Upon you visit to the Office, you will be provided with the Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document. Your task is to check the documents out and clear all your queries out.

Step 5. Signing of Franchise Agreement. This is the final step – sign the Franchise Agreement. Also, you will also be asked to submit the initial required franchise fee of $25,000.


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