Aero Colours Franchise Opportunity

This article discusses the salient factors essential to the success of an Aero Colours Franchise which include exclusivity of territory, operation, researches and updates, training and support and compliance to investment qualifications and requirements.

Since its establishment in 1985, Aero Colours has been a top notch name in the automobile industry in terms of services like automotive paint repair. With its success, the business started franchising in 2005.

Aero Colours take advantage of the imminent increase in buyers’ preference of used cars over the new ones. The reason for this is simple, used cars are cheaper and are still functional. With its top of the line repair procedures, quality products and proficient and enthusiastic franchisees, Aero Colours have become a forerunner in the industry. Hence, most entrepreneurs look out for Aero Colours franchise opportunity. Franchisees of this business are considered important part of the entire Aero Colours family. As such, they are being taken care with utmost guidance.

The individual success of each franchisee is an important concern of its entirety. There are salient factors pinpointed to be essential to the accomplishment of this goal. These include: (1) exclusivity of territory; (2) operation; (3) researches and updates; (4) training and support and (5) compliance to investment qualifications and requirements.

Exclusivity of territory. A franchisee is designated with his or her territory to which he or she will be able to cater the services of the business. In this area, he or she has all power to use all marketing means to reach its clientele.
Operation. The operation of an Aero Colours franchise depends upon the discretion of its franchisee. More often than not, its franchisee is also its operator. Also, franchise owners have the choice of hiring managers who will watch over and supervise the daily operations of the business. However, this limits the franchisee in terms of expansion to further territories. Normal operations of the franchise include a number of 4 employees.

Researches and updates. In Aero Colours, keeping up with the fast-paced automotive industry is a must. As a response to this, a company chemical engineer sees to it that the business does not lag behind innovations and the latest automotive breakthroughs. As a franchisee to the Aero Colours, one has the privilege of being updated of the aforementioned.

Training and Support. As a newbie to the Aero Colours family, a franchisee is required to complete a training course of four weeks in duration. A total of 160 hours classroom and actual training comprises the training program. As a new member, the franchisee receives a bulk of reading and reference materials which include manuals on repairs, sales and marketing and administration. The last two weeks of the four-week training program is an actual demonstration on running the operations of the business in the franchisee’s respective territory. When the training is completed, the franchisee receives an Aero Colours certification.

Investment requirements and qualifications. Aero Colours has a net worth requirement of approximately $50,000 to $174,000. A rough estimate of $10,000 to $125,000 of which comprises the franchise fee of the business depending on the size of the territory. A working capital reserve of $15,000 is also required. Vans and equipments cost around $14,000. The franchise agreement expires in 10 years and is renewable.


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