Automotive Art Franchise

The Automotive Art Company is one of the largest Auto Care retailers in the country.

They provide a variety of different car enhancements, both products and services and operate in more than 20 countries to date.

Automotive art offers the best brands for accessories, paint and ancillaries, batteries, tyres, wheels and other automotive related products which also include the installation services. The goal of the company is to be the best in its business, and that means putting you as the franchise owner, ahead of all competition. Upon application and approval of your franchise application you will be given training that will elaborate on the business model, management and franchise strategies that are essential in ensuring your franchise’s success. This includes training of your employees as well.

As a franchise owner you will benefit from advertising support from our professionally produced team that consists of a combined advertising pool. The specialized software and information systems keeps the business efficiency at maximum potential, allowing the key elements of business management and finances to be monitored extensively, accurately and regularly by you and therefore under your complete control. The support team will ensure that you have expert assistance in the selection of your site, this includes demographics and analysis of the area to allow for effective design and layout of the location. On going support is provided through our toll free number, regular meetings and the intranet. You as the franchise owner will be immediately alerted with regards to the continuing research and development that the company offers to its franchisees.

There are certain factors to consider when applying for a franchise and these include a reliable industry growth in the business. Since people change their cars every so often and regularly require set up and maintenance on their vehicles, the Automotive art franchise ensures that its target audience is far from dwindling. With only an increasing number of car owners in the country and an even more increasing number of car owners that wish to customize their vehicles, the industry growth in the Automotive Art franchise is guaranteed.

The Automotive Art franchise provides you not only with the trademark but also the ability to utilize the proven marketing system that allows for the distinctive approach to achieving an overall advantage over the competition in the market. You need not have prior managerial skills necessary to engage in this unique franchise opportunity, rather the drive and motivation to start a business and succeed.

The overall investment necessary ranges from $175,000 to $520,000, depending on the location and demographics of your market and the site in which you plan on setting up your business. The Express store which is around 1,500 square feet will cost around $175,000 investment costs, the small store which is 3,600 square feet, around $300,000 and the standard store which is 5,600 square feet around $520,000.

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  • Gurpreet singh said on March 30, 2014
    send me all terms and condition to open a automobile dealership in ropar punjab. i have enough space on highway NH-21.


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