Different Automotive Machine Shop Tools

Automotive machine shops could not operate without both its advanced and simple tools. Are you someone wanting to start an automobile machine shop? Or, are you looking for a hobby that is in line with auto repair?

Check out from our basic guide a list of tools you need in order to make successful and efficient auto repairs.

In order to have repairs done to automobiles, automotive machine shops must have several tools to do diagnostic, alignment, fitting and repair. Here are some automotive machine shop tools:

Diagnostic Tools:

These tools, which are mostly digital or computerized, analyse the conditions of some parts of automobile engines in order to improve them or detect a defect that should be repaired or corrected. Examples of these tools are engine and gas analysers. An engine analyser is a software that tries on different engine condition combinations in order to come up with the optimum engine performance.

Adjustment and Changing Tools:

These refer to wheel balancer and wheel alignment tools; add to that is the tire changer. The purpose of wheel alignment is to put the wheel in the right position as to reduce tire friction and prolong tire life. It is also done to make the wheel more manageable so as to go really straight when you want it to. Wheel balancing is done to even out the weight on the wheel to prevent it from vibrating.


Lifts are used to raise a vehicle off the ground such that repairs could be done to it. Most lifts use hydraulics. In-ground lifts is the most commonly used lift, although it is now losing ground to above ground lifts due to environmental regulations. While these heavy duty lifts are stationary, other lifts are portable to allow ease of transfer from one part of the facility to another. Some of them can even be used at home.

Machining Tools:

This category includes brake lathes, bores, mills and grinders. Brake lathes are for turning brake drums and rotors for cutting and surface finishing. A mill is the tool for cutting, while a grinder is used for sharpening.

Hand Tools:

Basic tools for a mechanic include a mallet, and a hammer. An automotive mechanic, on the other hand, could not go without some wrenches.

Some of these automotive machine tools are highly specialized, just like the engine analyser, but others are basic tools you can find them in home garages, repair centers, service bays, shops that specialize in oil and filter changes, service stations, gas station, and tire stores. They are the assets of both professional auto mechanic and the hobbyist. As such, they should always be on top condition and should last for a long time. The keys to prolonging the life of machines as well as the tools that repair them are good and proper maintenance.


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