Work at Home Assembling CD Cases

Outsourcing is cheaper for companies compared to hiring employees. And because many companies have a lot of work to be outsourced, work from home assembly jobs have totally become a very huge market.

Can you follow a training package containing all materials and instructions? We have a complete guide on how to start assembling CD cases.

For those who enjoy working with electronic supplies and craft, there is plenty of work from home assembly jobs to choose from. Especially during these difficult economic times, many companies will try to cut costs by utilizing self-employed individuals to avoid paying extensive labor benefits.

Work at Home Assembling CD Cases Business Guide

If you would notice the CDs displayed in the shops, you’ll see that they have neat packaging. This is a big opportunity for making money right now – earning money from repacking CDs. One of the advantages of working from home is the convenience and flexibility of time. Some companies would just want you to pack CDs on the covers and some would even give you the task of designing the CD cover itself.

Be wary though, there are plenty of scammers all over the web and you must avoid falling prey to these con artists. One of the ways you could identify a scam is if the company requests upfront money. If this happens, you would know that the organization you’re partnering with is not legitimate.

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Work at Home Assembling CD Cases Business Guide

Alternatively, you can purchase your own CD case and assemble it yourself. Afterward, you can sell your craft to corporations and if they like your creativity, you can steadily supply them with your CD cases. Assembling these CD cases is simple, just follow these steps:

  • Carefully connect two halves of the CD case by inserting raised plastic joints on the sockets from the left-hand half into the right-hand half of the CD case.
  • After deciding the CD half to be placed on the bottom of your case, you need to put the back cover, such as card listing for album tracks, on the case bottom facing outward.
  • On the top half of your CD holder, place any other information for the CD like a card with a booklet containing instructions for the disc or album title on the CD holder’s top half. Then position the booklet or card so that the front can be read without opening the CD case.
  • Place the plastic tray holding the CD on top and then snap it gently into the case.
  • Close the CD case.

Take note that you may buy a preassembled case if you don’t want to do the detailed work yourself. Finally, remember to be careful in applying too much force to avoid breaking the CD cases.


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