Top Business Credit Card Issuers

Applying for a credit needs is a careful examination. For a safer choice, here are the list of the top business credit card issuers including Discover, Citi Platinum Select MasterCard and Blue from American Express to name a few.

Credit cards are everywhere. Businesses and institutions resort to this kind of marketing strategy not only to boost their sales and to attract new customers but also to give the best services and make life easier for customers.

Listed here are the top business credit card issuers such as Discover, Citi Platinum Select MasterCard, Blue from American Express, Slate from Chase, Citi Forward (SM) Card, American Express’ Preferred Rewards Gold Card and True Earnings.

On the first spot, is the Discover More Card which offers 0% APR on balance transfers for 12 months and 6 months on purchases. They have 5% cash back bonus in popular categories and up to 1% cash back bonus on all other purchases. Second is the Citi Platinum Select Master Card on the other hand have a APR of as low as 11.99% variable with 0% on balance and purchase transfer up to 12 months.

Getting the third slot, Blue from American Express credit card offers membership reward points for every purchase. APR is at 0% for 6 months on purchases without any annual fee. They also assure fast approval under 60 seconds. Comes fourth is the Slate from Chase. They also have 0% APR enhanced with Blueprint SM, Patented Fraud Protection and Zero Liability on Unauthorized Purchases.

Placing fifth is the Citi Forward (SM) Card still with 0% APR on purchases and transfers for 6 months. They are offering 6,000 bonus points on reaching $250 purchases within 3 months of account opening.

Likewise, on the sixth spot, American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card gives 10,000 membership rewards bonus after at least $500 purchases for the first 3 months.

Closing the list is the TrueEarnings’ Business Card from Costco & American Express. They have 4% cash back on gas purchases annually up to 6,000, 3% on restaurants, 2% for travel, 1% on other purchases and also a 0% APR for 6 months on purchases.

There are many bases on choosing the credit card suitable for your needs. Basically, you need to look for those with low interest. These are credits cards with low or 0% balance transfer offer. They must have introductory offers and balance transfer rates.

On the other hand, credit cards have different types. Cash back credit cards offer rebates on every purchase while Gas credit cards is on gasoline purchases. Rewards credit cards gives different kind of offerings such as gift certificates, travel rewards, cash back options and other services. Travel credit cards are specific on giving rewards for frequent flyer miles including airline, hotel, and travel credit cards.


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