How to Start a Financial Advisor Business

Most people ask themselves if they will be able to have money to live comfortably when they retire. It is not only the soon to be retirees that can be possible clients of this kind of business. Starting a financial advisor business does need a very intellectual mind.

In this article you will be able to learn how to start a financial advisor business.

A lot of people save for their future. But how much do we really need to spend and how much do we need to save basing on our income. This is where financial advisor specializes. They are the best person to discuss with in terms of wise investments and how much money do we actually need to save to have a comfortable life after we retire.

Most of the financial advisors who have the background in insurance, banking accounting and law have the edge in this kind of business. Nowadays this kind of business is already being dominated by private practitioners. There are several ways to become a certified financial advisor. Enroll in a nearby university which offers short term courses on financial advising. A full course regarding the business is also a plus.

You need to develop certain skills in order to guarantee success in the business. Learn the art of active listening. Listen to your customer’s needs and what they would want to achieve, the willingness to help customers and share with them your technical skills and knowledge, learn the ability of how to sustain a long-term relationship with your client and how to be client-trustworthy.

Becoming a financial advisor is self-service business. You can tie up with accountancy firms and law firms for client referrals, referrals from your previous clients who where satisfied with your service, be part of a networking group is another way to attract more clients. You can also start to create your own lead group.

Keep yourself abreast and updated with what’s new and what’s the latest in the business by attending forums and seminars.

This business used to be for the affluent only but during this time and age this is a business that refers to helping those who are about to retire, first time entrepreneurs, newly married couples etc. Financial advisor business is a business that is starting to gain popularity worldwide.

A financial advisor business can be done in the comforts of your home. Convert a small area or a room in your house and convert it into a small office for your business. Later on you can expand by renting a small place to be converted into an office.

Of course a business is not a business unless you have business plan, start-up capital, licenses and permits and pay your taxes annually to avoid issues with the IRS.


  • Regina Lasater said on January 12, 2011
    what are the needed and recommended licenses, and certificates when starting your own financial advising company in the state of Oklahoma? And, if you start up your business as a financial advisor in Oklahoma but have clients that are residents of other states, are there any differences in what's needed?
  • James Fikes said on July 9, 2011
    My potential business will be in Oakland, MS. I would like to know what I need in terms of personnel,licenses,certifications, start a financial Advising Firm?
  • atul kumar patel said on June 14, 2015
    i want to start as a financial advisory firm in new delhi,india please guide me through all required docs and licenses
  • Sandeep Dubey said on August 1, 2015
    i want to start cyber cafe ,online work ,data entry ,please help me .
  • Ashwin said on August 4, 2016
    i want to start Financial Advisory firm in Pune, Please help me what all documents required


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