Starting CD and DVD Wholesale Business

One of the fastest growing small to big businesses in the world now involves wholesaling CDs and DVDs. Starting CD and DVD Wholesale business of your own can give you maximum profits at a lower investment.

We can choose a business to either three major reasons: first, it can be something that we really like to do; second, it could be something that we inherited from our parents, and third, we chose to put up a business because we know that it will give us the maximum profit.

dvd wholesale

You may have a business that you are really passionate about even though it is not that profitable. But some want something that will give them much profit so that they can do whatever they like with what they are earning. With the CD and DVD business, you can have both reasons.

There is no reason that someone will refuse a business that has a fast-selling product online which everybody loves. Wholesaling CDs and DVDs is considered one of the most profitable businesses today in the market. On the Internet, wholesaling CDs and DVDs was proven to be raking bucks from day to day. Starting CD and DVD wholesale business is already a proven successful industry in the market outside Internet which means that these products are ultra saleable.

The first issue that you need to overcome is the speculations about the CD and DVD industry. Because of the advancement in technology, some may conclude without proof that people, especially teens, are enjoying the movie downloads that they get from the Internet where movies can be conveniently. But that is not true. On the overall customer base, people who are making their own movies or music by using the Internet is only a little fraction. It is only a small population of people who are truly tech savvy that compared to the huge population of people who are patronizing the authentic CDs and DVDs. Both offline and online stores for CD and DVD stores right now proves that the demand for these products have even became higher compared with past years. Therefore, starting this business can be a great opportunity!

You just have to have some techniques in selling so that you will gain the edge in this big market world. For example, you always have to be updated with the variety of films that you are selling. You also have to be aware with what is happening in the movie and the music world. Selecting the titles that will become a big hit to the customers can be the secret to make your business grow even bigger. Good marketing and advertisement can also play a big factor when it comes to selling CDs and DVDs. It is important that you become noticeable in the market.


  • LAYIWOLA O TAIWO said on December 23, 2009
  • Marvis said on May 3, 2010
    I am a Nigerian in Ghana...I will like to know if Ghana is a good place to start up this CDs and DVD business...Bless you.
  • Shajuana Ellis said on July 8, 2010
    I would like some more information on starting a CD and DVD business online or a physical building.
  • Sunny Anyaele Chukwu said on December 21, 2010
    I am a nigerian dealing on cds in lagos, i am aware that cd and dvd business is a good and profitable business. i need assistance in sourcing all kind and type of cds and dvds at very cheap prices.
  • attie said on March 1, 2012
    pretoria sa what must i do to open cd dvd business
  • abiodun said on October 24, 2012
    i have a shop in sango ota, ogun state nigeria. i want information on how i can be a wholesaler of cd's and dvd's and the source of the purchase.
  • sridhar said on November 2, 2012
    i want to start a shop in tandur, rangareddy dist andhra pradesh, india. i want information on how i can be a wholesaler of cd's and dvd's and the source of the purchase.
  • Chinedum said on November 26, 2012
    I am a Nigerian doing business in Togo i would like to buy and go sell CDs and DVDs back there please give me good price bargain and details
  • blessing ndlovu said on March 20, 2013
    i would like to start a business in blacktown sydney n.s.w australia. please tell me how much i need to have and how i can get cd's and dvd's into blacktown n.s.w. thank you very much i look forward to hear from you soon. guidance, i want to sell reggae music cd's and dvd's. i am a rasta could you also suggest a good name for my shop that i want to be in the shopping centre. thank you i am new in this so please help me.
  • Giles Touch said on December 31, 2013
    My business location is in Radcliff, KY. I would like to know how to get started in selling cd/dvd wholesale as a retail shop
  • holy studio said on October 11, 2014
    @ all, for more on how to start wholesale and being a major distributor of cd/dvd, with a very low price contact me on 07033356703 or let's do business
  • chima said on November 26, 2014
    I am a nigerian based in lagos, pls I want to know more about the business, cos I have always wanted 2 deal on something like this since I was a kid, I want to know the kinds of plates that moves in the market and also the risks involved and also how much I can use to start it up
  • kinivic Resources, Uyo said on June 18, 2015
    I need to know how to start wholesale of CDs and DVDs in Uyo,Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. I need the contact and the location to buy the products, am already in the business in Uyo but I only do retailing. Contact me on 08027333164.
  • Ngozi said on November 3, 2015
    I want to start selling CD and DVD Plates in Owerri,how do I start. Where can I purchase the plates,and what do I need to know about. And will Nigeria.
  • Richie said on September 9, 2017
    pls am in Benin city. I need information on how I can purchase movies in bulk and become a wholesaler..I really need your assistance pls. if I can become a distributor before this year runs out I'll be grateful. thanks
  • ettemah said on September 18, 2017
    nice post, can a 100,000 start a CD and DVD biz in naija
  • dhaval said on January 15, 2019
    Hi Please any body can email me where should I buy movies dvd in bulk for business. Please let me know asap
  • Alade halimot said on April 26, 2019
    I want to start up a cd and dvd business, how will i start and like how much will i need to start up the business


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