What is the Home Based Business

With the advancement in technology, there are basically many home based business that is sprouting in the Internet.

But home business does not have to be through the Internet alone. Learn the kinds of home based business here.

Experts have noticed that there is a trend going on for almost fifteen years and getting stronger and this is the opportunity for people to get out of the office cubicle and set up their business at home. Another thing is that there seems to be more stay-at-home moms now that are also work-at-home moms. With this all happening there is now an increasing attention of what is home based business really is.

This question at this age of Information technology or the age of Internet can be said as open opportunity to earn money while staying at home. But defining what is home based business this way is anchored on the trend that is happening now.

As a starter let us define what home based business as what it really is in its true sense. There are basically three types of home business which we can call the traditional, the technology-driven and in-between between these two former classifications.

Traditional Home Based Business

Home based business have existed way back since people learned how to trade between themselves. Prior to the age of the Internet, home based business can be simply a business that is done in one’s home. There is for an example a store operating in one’s home, a tailoring shop (prior to the RTW apparels time), bakeshop or welding shop. These kind of businesses exist in the comfort of one’s home or backyard and thriving through the sheer manual effort of the owner.

Technology-driven Home Based Business

Right now there are many home based business that is operating everywhere with the help of online technology. The nature of this home business primarily is it is operated in one’s computer and the transaction with the clients, like payments and everything, are done through the Internet. Some of these home-based businesses are owning a website that can give the owner thousands of bucks through advertisement put up on his site. There are also businesses like selling products on eBay.

In-Between Home Based Business

The In-Between home based business can be defined as something that still uses the ways of the traditional definition of a home business though with a twist that the business is being helped through online transactions and even payments or just plain advertisement.


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    Colombo, Sri Lanka. Want to start a business of my own. Help needed. Thanks
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  • Mukesh Mishra said on June 16, 2014
    Hi My name is Mukesh I am 32 years old. I want to know about home based type of business. Can u suggest me and how.
  • arvind bhardwaj said on July 11, 2015
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