Why Start a Home Based Business

Nowadays, home based businesses are the “in” thing to get involved with. In fact, these have been prophesized to become the “trend of the future”.

Reports coming from the government and various industries show that there is an imminent increase in the number of men and women who decide on working from the comforts of their homes.

From the latest information and statistics provided by the United States Bureau of Labor, a total of 4.12 million of entrepreneurs prefer to work from home or at home, resulting to increase in the services industry.

The above number of entrepreneurs have found out various reasons why working at home is most convenient. With the boost in the performance of today’s economy, coupled by the shifts in lifestyle of many favors well the future of a home-based entrepreneur. Nowadays, many working individuals want to multi-task – that is, juggle family time with their career development, prioritizing more on spending time with their families rather than compete in the industry and be more involved in rearing their children. With the innovations and breakthroughs in many technologies, working at home has become feasible. In fact, more and more choose to be part of this new niche.

Now, you need not go farther. You can start right at your kitchen, bedroom, living room or even in your garage! Here are a few reasons why you should start a home based business:

It provides you more room for personal freedom. This is the most enthralling reason why you should start a home based business – you work while gaining control over other aspects of your life – both personal and professional alike. In the professional light, you would not have any bosses to obey, no coworkers to deal with, no corporate mores to put up with, no office work or schedules. On a personal note, you still get to have time to join family dinners or family talks.

There are inviting financial benefits. Because you have your office just a few feet away from your bed, money spent on gasoline and transportation can be saved. Not just that, you also save time and effort. Moreover, you need not buy corporate suits and invest in your looks for a good workday. Since you work at home, you also cut on expenses from paying rents and leases. However, in home based businesses, your profits is in a direct proportion to how well your perform.

You can take advantage of “tax advantages”. Making use of your home as the place where you conduct business can offer you a number of advantages. It offers you the chance to cut back from operating and depreciation expenditures.

You will have more time for your family. Most of the entrepreneurs who decided to venture on home based businesses have their family as the primary reason – strengthening of ties. Moreover, a home based business provides an opportunity for family members to bond with each other as they become involved with the business. Parents can now do two things at the same time – earn while looking after their children.


  • Tularam Gurung said on September 12, 2010
    I want to start small business from my home in farming in uk and export and import to uk from Nepal. Can i get how can i start and what sort of qualification including knowledge i need before i go further
  • Anamika Bhattacharya said on June 21, 2012
    would like to work from home by typing docs without investments This should be a genuine company. please advise me on how to go about this. i live in West Bengal, Kolkata thanks!


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