Video Game Sees Stronger Sales in March

For the first time in more than a year, the US video game industry has posted a 6 percent increase in sales in March as consumers spent more money in buying video game software and accessories.

After experiencing a double-digit decline for more than a year, the US video game industry has reported a 6 percent sales increase in March compared to last year, according to a survey conducted by the NPD Group.

The market researcher said Thursday that accessories, hardware, and software related to video games have a total earning of $1.52 billion which is a significant sales increase.

The group said the sales in software video games increased by 10 percent, or more than $875 million in the first quarter which is higher than the initial forecast of 3 percent. The strong sales were attributed to the strong sales of “Final Fantasy XIII”, “Battlefield: Bad Company 2”, and “Pokemon”.

Meanwhile, Jesse Divnich, an analyst in the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, said the higher-than-expected sales of video game software in March was pushed by Nintendo’s Pokemon which has sold more than 2 million during the month.

Also, the sales of video games accessories increase 11 percent, or nearly $207 million in March compared to last year. Meanwhile, several companies in the video game industry said the trend will continue as the global demand for such entertainment is expected to increase as US consumers are gaining more confident in the economic recovery.

But despite the strong sales in software and accessories, the hardware sales has dropped about 4 percent and settled to $440.5 million due to the lower prices of gaming consoles compared last year. However, Nintendo’s Wii system and portable DS 700 and 800 versions have reported stronger sales compared to its rival console makers including Sony and Microsoft Corp.


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