US Workers More Optimistic

In a recent survey conducted by an online information site, the US workers are becoming more confident and optimistic about the economic recovery.

US workers are more confident and optimistic about the job market in the country, expecting higher pays as the economy is starting to recover from recession, according to a recent survey released Friday.

In a survey conducted in March by this , which is an online employment information site, the high optimism rate among workers is an indication that the US economy is gaining momentum.

However, the survey shows that one in five workers are still concerned about the weak labor market and massive layoff. But when compared to previous studies, the pessimism rate has continuously declined over the past several months.

According to the new survey, more than 38 percent of the respondents said that they can find another job in six months if they are going to be laidoff. This rate is significantly higher compared to the Q4 of 2009 when 33 percent of workers said they can easily find matching job if they were to become unemployed.

While workers are more optimistic about the economy nowadays, about 76 percent said they “would still agree to a 10 percent salary cut just to avoid losing their jobs”. This rate is higher compared to the last quarter of 2009 when about 50 percent of workers said they “are willing to face a salary cut to keep their jobs.”

In a statement, Glassdoor official Rusty Rueff said the confidence of US workers is coming back. However, the survey result still shows that workers are still facing struggles including pay cut and other contingency plans that affect their paycheck.



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