US, Japan to Probe Faulty Toyota Prius Brakes

US, Japan government announced that it will conduct a probe to the faulty Toyota Prius brakes.

Toyota is now in hot water as the two governments want the car maker to include the electric-hybrid to the recent recall, which includes more than 4.3 million vehicles.

Toyota Motor Co is now in hot water as the United States and Japanese governments sought immediate investigation over the massive recall of vehicles with faulty gas pedals and the recent complaints on its Prius braking system.
As of Thursday, complaints regarding the malfunction in the braking system of Toyota Prius reached an alarming 180 in Japan and the US.

Meanwhile, US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that public and private motorists should immediately park their Toyotas to avoid any accidents, unless they are driving for repairs to their dealers.

The reports of faulty gas pedals in some eight vehicle models and braking malfunction of the Prius has caused massive sales blows against Toyota. Just recently, the company lost its eight-year supremacy as the No.1 vehicle in the US, leading to the decline in the sale of its Camry.

For their part, the Japanese transportation minister urged Toyota to announce that all Prius models should be included in the recall not only in Japan but to all operating offices around the world.

Prius is not included in the recent recall involving more than 4.5 million vehicles. However, the braking problems of the gas-electric hybrid may prompt Toyota to include it to the recall. The brakes of the said models sometimes fail to work in a fraction of a second, putting motorists into harm’s way.


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