Employee Vehicle Parking Policy

It is important to define employee vehicle parking policy. This can really benefit the company in the long run if you set guidelines for this thing.

Giving your employee some parking benefits can make them productive as ever. Consider some of the policies that can actually help you in designing some rules and regulation about it.

Employees are the most essential factor of any business and their comfort is of even greater importance. If you are a boss, then you must be having a good number of employees working under you. It is your responsibility to take care of their happiness and peacefulness. You should design your office in the most perfect manner to provide a really nice environment to your employees. It not only creates a better reception for the client but also gives your employee a nice environment to work. Building a parking lot area for your employee’s vehicle is no just enough. In fact, there is a described and detailed policy of employee vehicle parking. Many companies issue these employee vehicle parking policies along with their brochure or magazine. You may also get the employee vehicle parking policy as a complete guide when you get employed in an organization.

Here are the few main features and specifications that are made in employee vehicle parking policy:

The proximity card, which is also known as the ‘prox’ card should only be used by employed personnel.

Department of Licensing should have the record of all the parked cars. This means that all the parked cars in the parking lot are legal and legitimate.

If a vehicle is to be left for more than one month at the same place then it should be informed to the associated person or the guard of the parking lot. This is done for the safety of the employees and their expensive vehicles. Many fraud cases occur in large blank parking lots where the crime gets the car which was there for 15 days or a month.

Storing the employee’s vehicle in the official parking lot of the company is not allowed at any cost. This is to say that the official parking lot of the company cannot be used for storing and abandoning vehicles.

Each employee will be allowed to park only one car in the parking lot at a time. Leaving one car for months and getting in the other car by the same employee is not allowed by many companies.

Damaged and leaking vehicles are usually not allowed in the official parking lot of the company. This not only creates a mess in the parking lot but also gives a negative impression to the client who arrives to your office. At the same time, leaking oil can be proved dangerous to any walking person.

After the employee gets terminated from the office due to any reason, the vehicle of the employee will not be allowed to park in the official parking lot of the company at any cost.

These are the few points which are mostly included in the employee vehicle parking policy of many companies.f


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