Monitor Employee Internet use for Better Productivity

Main reason behind monitoring internet usage of employees is increasing productivity in organizations. Internet has joined the race with extended lunch, coffee, cigarette breaks, personal chat with co-workers or non-business related phone calls which stop productivity in workplaces.

Seeing severity of cyber crimes most organizations desperately monitor internet use of employees. Perhaps it is an effective tool to maintain decorum in the work set up.

Information technology, especially internet opened newer avenues in professional and personal affairs. Internet eased many challenging tasks and communication has become easier, safe and smoother now. Productivity has increased in organizations due to such developments. But the heart of the matter is that same internet has brought before us uninvited problems too that impact workplaces negatively. Monitoring of employees is common phenomenon since the trend of industrialization and manifold growth in business and trade has occurred.

Why Monitoring Internet Misuse?

Availability of additional facilities for work to workers also provides them opportunity for using technology wrongly. Some nefarious elements in offices keep thinking on negative use of technology. These people look for different options to apply technology for personal gains. Such deviation in workplace resultantly brings slowdown in professional commitments and resultantly productivity goes down. Taking such aspects in view most organizations take special interest in applying internet monitoring options.

Research Finings

Countless researches have been done to find out reasons behind the misuse of internet in workplaces. These surveys have given shocking revelation about wrong use of internet in offices. Statistical figure of 60% online shopping and 70% internet pornography traffic during normal business hours shows how internet is misused. This time could be used effectively for productivity of organization. Monitoring employee internet use can stop such practices.

Why to Monitor?

Good amount of work time get wasted due to inordinate use of time by workers who spend time online but do nothing official. They kill the precious time that could be used for better productivity. Vigilances through monitoring is also done to stop practice of exposing crucial equipments or software from harmful viruses that may severely damage them without even being used for desired professional work of organization.

Employers monitor most problematic non-business use of internet. Most problematic amongst them are surfing pornography, gaming and online gambling sites in business hour. Personal blogging by employees is another typical problem. Employees doing these activities on internet during business hours don’t feel the impact but that may become platform for leaking some crucial trade secret to competitors without even being noticed.

Other Benefits

When internet is monitored in organizations people with bad intention and those with the habit of forwarding pornographic or offensive attachments for sexual harassment may be stopped systematically. Increase in productivity is ascertained because employees are forced to manage time in the absence of any opportunity for nefarious acts.

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