Toyota Hints Next Move to Prius Hybrid Braking Problems

Toyota hinted for its next move to the Pruis braking problem, saying that the new plan will come out next week.

The carmaker is now discussing with the Japanese government possible repair or recall plan for its Prius model, which remained the top-selling gas-electric hybrid in the world despite software glitch that cause delays in braking system.

World’s largest automaker Toyota Motor Corp is expected to announce possible plans that would address the reported braking problems of its Prius electric hybrid. Earlier reports told that the car firm had already decided to recall its prized model in Japan.

Analysts said that the possible massive recall of the Prius would further add up to the burden of the company, which has already recalled more than 4.5 million vehicles due to sticking gas pedals.But a recall in the United States is unlikely as the Toyota already informed dealers that it will soon come up with the possible repair plans for the thousands of Prius hybrids sold in the country.

In a statement sent to dealers, Toyota Spokeswoman Ririko Takeuchi said that the new action plan would be handed down immediately to dealers once the company finished with its review.

Asked whether the recall of the Pruis model in Japan was true, Takeuchi refused to further comment, saying that “we will have to wait with the final decision.” The Japanese automaker is now discussing possible recall or repair plans with the government.

To date, the Prius remained the top-selling gas-electric hybrid in the world as demand for a more fuel-efficient and more environment-friendly cars becomes stronger. There were at least some 170, 000 cars sold in Japan while another 270, 000 were sold to the US.


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