US Unemployment Rise, Hits 43 States in December

US unemployment rate rose in December affecting some 43 states, a new data release by industry research firm Moody showed on Friday.

The company said that North and South Carolina, Florida, and Delaware recorded the biggest slash in workforce last month.

A new data released by Moody’s showed that unemployment rate in the United States increase further, hitting 43 states in December. Sophia Koropeckyj, managing director of Research Company, said that the new data showed a bleak picture of the US job market.

Based on records, four major US states were hit by the record-high unemployment rate in December, which includes North and South Carolina, Florida, and Delaware.

Meanwhile, New Jersey posted a disappointing 33-year-high in unemployment with 10.1 percent while New York broke its 26-year-high jobless record with more than 9 percent.

“The overall US economy is recovering at a very weak pace to generate the jobs that are needed. Even the fact that many of the states have started creating jobs in November, it is too weak to give consistent jobs creation in the country,” Koropeckyj said.

Meanwhile, the new data showed that Taxas and Georgia have lost more workers last month than it had gained in November. Also, Arizona and South Carolina, who has gained big time in November, have lost almost the same amount last month.

Many of the workers who were earlier considered as unemployed have already given up looking for new jobs, erasing themselves in the jobless data. In the overall US unemployment data, more than 600, 000 were said to have lost their jobs in December. But Koropeckyj said that the jobless rate is a lot worse than what the figures are saying.


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