Email Advertising Design Tips

If a company wants to use email as a marketing and advertising tool to reach its customers, it is very important to know the following email advertising design tips such as: make the message short but complete, use of strong subject line, offer something that would interest and benefit consumers, etc.

With the arrival of the Internet Era, gone are the days when only the large businesses can afford to pay advertising campaigns in traditional media such as the television, magazine, radio, and newspaper.

Meanwhile, one of the most effective online marketing tools is through email that makes the communication between a company and its customers more intimate and private. But to make this more effective, it is important to know these following email advertising design tips:

Put the web address on top of the email message

Online users are the most impatient readers. They want instant access to the company’s main web page as soon as they open the email message.

Don’t give unsolicited emails

By doing this, a business may turn into a pesky spammer which means that the messages may be pushed to the spam box where these are not read by people.

To avoid being a spammer and appear to be intrusive, a business should ask for people if they want to subscribe to a service that will allow them to receive constant updates.

Use a very strong subject line

If a message uses a generic subject line, there is a great chance that the customers would delete it without even bothering to open it. To prevent this from happening, a company should use a strong subject line that would give complete thought and would make customers interested and curious.

Write email messages as short as possible

Several studies suggested that online users are the most impatient consumers because they do not read contents which they find too wordy and vague. With this consideration, it is important that the email messages sent by a company should be short but still complete with thought.

The message should offer something that will benefit the consumers

Giving press release that serves as a self-glorification is one of the most common mistakes of businesses.

Consumers who receive such messages are most likely to throw these to the trash bin. To prevent this, email messages should provide something that will benefit the customers or something that will interest them.

Knowing these design tips for email advertising can help a company to reach its customers. However, it is important that the business can reply in case that its customers will send them a message or inquiry.



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