Designing Ads for Taxi Advertising

Marketing experts believe that taxi advertising can be effective in product and service promotion.

But to harness the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, it is very important to know the basic tips in designing ads for taxi advertising in order to target the right market and make the message interesting to a wider audience.

Aside from the traditional media such as the radio, newspaper, and Internet, some empty spaces can serve as a tool for advertising at a much cheaper price. For example, advertising in taxi can be an effective marketing campaign which can make a certain brand known to a wide audience.

However, designing ads for taxi advertising is a little bit different compared to other media because the vehicle is constantly moving and the message can be seen by a broader market instead of targeting a niche population.

To harness the power of such marketing campaign, here are some of the tips in designing ads for taxi advertising:

Use few words but complete thought

Because taxis are constantly moving and that most consumers are too busy to read long messages, it is very important for the commercial to use few words. However, using few words does not mean incomplete thought, but rather, the message should be concise, catchy, and lastly, memorable.

Pictures can tell a thousand words

In some cases, pictures are better than words as the former convey more thought. But since consumers are already desensitized from the bombardment of commercials, ad picture should stand out from the rest. This can be possible if the advertisers will use humorous or funny pictures that would evoke positive emotion.

Use company symbols or logos

The use of company symbols and logos have a significant impact to a business. This is true in the case of technology giant Apple which made its symbol (an apple with a bite on its side) part of the pop culture.

According to marketing experts, consumers who are exposed to company symbols are more likely to buy its product. This is what experts called as “name recall”.

The Effectiveness of Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising can be very effective as a marketing tool because it can travel to locations where people have a higher purchasing power. Examples of these locations are shopping centers, airports, convention centers, and business district. This is proven by a study showing that an average taxi spends 90 percent of its time in city and town center.

Another advantage of taxi advertising is that direct contact is possible to consumers. This is because most taxi advertising includes leaflets which are given to passengers who have a high rate of readership.


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