Setup Mobile Advertising Campaign

Marketing experts believe that mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones, and netbooks can be very effective in reaching the target-market.

However, it is important for businesses to know the right strategies to setup mobile advertising campaign to make this effective, interesting, and appealing to consumers.

With majority of the population owning a mobile cell phone, businesses have used this device as a marketing and advertising tool in order to reach a broader market. But with stiff competition in getting consumer attention, a company should know how to use this tool as an effective advertising campaign.

These are some of the tips to setup mobile advertising campaign according to some marketing experts:

Use Mobi Websites

These websites can be viewed by mobile phone users, allowing them to receive product and service information, events, and other important events from a company. However, the content should have a mobile-based design and layout to make this appealing to consumers.

In most cases, large firms have their own staff who handles the mobile versions of their websites. On the other hand, small and medium companies generally hire an outsourcing firm to provide them this service.

However, mobi websites may not be important if a business uses a website which can support HTML, a code which is generally supported by most Internet-enabled cell phones today.


This is the most traditional way of reaching consumers through their mobile phone. However, a company should not give unsolicited messages which are generally deleted and not read by mobile phone users.

Use Traditional Websites

Cell phones are not the only devices which can meet the needs of mobile consumers. Netbook, which is the smaller version of laptops, is also becoming popular because of its portability and affordability.

With this consideration, businesses should also focus on their websites and should make sure that these will have a high page ranking. This can be possible if the website content is rich with relevant keywords and inbound links from other sites.

The messages to these mobile devices should be short

Because mobile consumers have no time to read lengthy and wordy messages, it is important that companies should make sure that the content is short but can still provide complete information and clear thought.

The message should offer benefits and will interest consumers

Generally, consumers will only read a mobile message if this will interest them or it will provide them with benefits. With this consideration, companies should avoid giving “praise release” which is nothing but an annoyance to most consumers.

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