Unemployment Rate Falls in 34 States – Labor

Unemployment rate in the United States fell in some 34 states as improving economic conditions spur more job hiring in the past two months, the Labor Department said on Friday.

It was the biggest gain in the labor sector since the manufacturing industry succumbed to the worst financial crisis in decades.

The United States Labor Department on Friday reported a significant drop in the country’s unemployment rate, saying that the number of jobless Americans is now lower in some 34 states following the increased hiring by most private companies.

Based on Labor revised records, 34 states, including Washington D.C. and the District of Columbia, reported a drop in their jobless rate in April which only six states posted an increase.

Ten other states said that unemployment has flatlined during the same period.

Earlier, the Labor Department reported that only 16 states lost labor force, 22 gained higher employment rate, and 12 has steady figures in March.

The top grosser in April was South Carolina with 11.6 percent drop in unemployment, the biggest decline in the state since the start of the recession and the largest among all 50 states.

South Carolina officials attributed the fall to the deep employment boost in the past quarter as improvements in companies products and profits push the economic momentum forward.

Labor officials, on the other hand, noted that at least 290, 000 new jobs were created from March to April filling in job units that were hard to find during the past four years.

The department has welcomed the development despite the surge in the overall unemployment rate in the US, which hit the 9.9 percent level. The agency said that it is “only natural” as millions of jobless people go back to job hunting.


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