How to Start a Nurse Staffing Agency

Starting a nurse staffing agency is a business that you have to think as many times over.

This kind of business is considered to be a lucrative business and in this article you will learn the way around in starting this kind of business.

A healthcare staffing agency is usually run and operated by those who are in the medical profession. Do not be mistaken though that since you are not in the medical profession you are not up to the demands of this business. If you are thinking of starting this kind of business here’s how.

Understanding the Medical Profession

Understanding the medical field is one of the first few things you need to consider if you are not into the medical profession. This is not very hard to do. Study the industry you are getting into. Remember that there shortage in nurse and healthcare professionals that is why there is a need to hire from other countries to augment the shortage. You are in for a real lucrative business should you decide to start this kind of business. You can visit as many healthcare staffing agencies as you can and see for yourself how the operation of this business runs. You can conduct interviews on how to operate this kind of business. Be sure that you do this outside the perimeters of the area where you would like to start your business. Direct competitors will most likely turn you down thus you will never get all the vital information that you will need.

Business Plan

Any business venture needs to have a business plan. This will be your guide in the whole operation of your business. There are two ways to create a business plan. You can make use of the ready available templates that you can find in the market today. Choose from the many available forms that will fit your needs. Another way is to hire the services of a professional business plan maker. Since you are going to hire his/her services you will be given the guarantee that you are on the right track. You have to be specific with what you want to gain and achieve why you want to be involved in this kind of business.

Suitable Location

Location of your nurse/healthcare staffing agency is another major feat to consider. Since this kind of business is all over the country. You have to choose a better location where you will start your business. If you choose a location where there are several kind of this establishments you have to be sure that you will stand out from the rest that are already in this kind of business. Lastly, a location where there possible clients is the most suitable location to start this business.


  • amar said on January 30, 2011
    hi, i want to start nursing mobile such like nurse go to people in their houses.. so what i need to start. my question is are we must approval from nursing ministry?? it is difficult to build up this business??..or we can go trough without any approval?
  • karen said on May 15, 2011
    I am would like to know how to acquire an NPI number and become an independent home care nurse in Louisiana.


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