About Snelling Staffing Franchise

Snelling Staffing is the leading career placement company nationwide. And now they are open for franchisees who can meet all the requirements and qualifications.

In 1951, Snelling Staffing was founded by Louis and Gwendolyn Snelling as a company specializing in supplying qualified temporary to permanent staffs for companies.

The qualifying skills and experiences are secretarial, manufacturing, telecommunications, sales, accounting, engineering, and many more. The Texas based company believes in helping people and businesses meet. They just keep on growing and adding up other specialties to the list of qualifications they are searching for with the right career. And so as time goes by, they are expanding their network. Thus the need for franchising arises. Since 1955, Snelling Staffing started opening their doors for interested franchisee applicants. Presently, Snelling Staffing is recognized as one of the largest career placement company with more than 200 offices across North America.

Snelling Staffing is currently in search for possible franchisees nationwide. They are in search for franchisees that have excellent people skills because they will be facing different people coming from various walks of life. Also, you must be financially stable and capable in order to manage the company efficiently.

You must anticipate that you will be investing a minimum of $104,700 to a maximum of $183,500. Upon agreeing to the set contract by the company, you are to pay them $25,000 for the franchising fee. The company is also requiring you to remit an on-going royalty fee. Their charge for the royalty fee is at $4.5 for every 7 percent of your total sales. The signed contract is valid until 7 years. The contract is renewable upon expiry.

For you to be able to qualify as a franchisee, you must prove that your net worth is amounting to at least $300,000. Also, you must allow the company to see that you have liquefied cash of $100,000.

Since you will be entering a business venture, you must at least have a general business experience so that somehow you will be able to understand the different transactions and procedures happening in a business such as this.
Once you have been accepted as a franchisee, you are required to have 4 employees to work for you in order to start operating. If you feel like you are having a great time earning with this kind of business, you are free to acquire other franchise units. As a matter of fact, Snelling Staffing has 28 percent of its franchisees owning more than one franchise unit. You will also be allowed to go for absentee ownership of their franchise units.

Experience in career placement industry is not a requirement. The company is willing to send you to training for business related skills. You will be trained by professionals in the field so you will be sure to learn the appropriate skills that you will need for this business. You will be trained in the company’s headquarters for 8 days. As for your location or other field training locations, you will be trained if they think you still need more improvement.

Do not worry about going through all of it alone because Snelling Staffing will provide you with all the support that you might need through newsletters, meetings, toll-free phone line, your grand opening, Internet, security and service procedures, field operations, and thru purchasing cooperatives.


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