Owning a FocalPoint Business Coaching Franchise

FocalPoint Business Coaching’s franchise opportunity for interested individuals can provide a lot of attractive benefits at such a very low costs.

Starting a business that already has a strong foundation is a big advantage to any new entrepreneurs.

It relieves them with many efforts from building a new name and reputation in the industry. FocalPoint Business Coaching is among the probable businesses that provides great opportunities for interested investors and franchisees. It allows them to make use of its well-founded name together with its long-proven system in generating profits and at the same time adding up to the company’s legacy.

Any franchisee who would opt to join the network of franchisees of FocalPoint would enjoy a lot of benefits. One of those benefits would be the assurance for success by using FocalPoint’s methods and techniques in business coaching. You will also be given the chance to have the control of your own time because you will be working for yourself. But if you were going to stay as an employee in some big companies, you would have lesser time for yourself and your family. There would also be instances that you will be forced to do a task that you don’t even like or have no expertise in. In FocalPoint, it’s a total different story. You can now apply what you have learned and experienced in your own business because in FocalPoint, your knowledge and experiences are your capital investments. Plus, you no longer have to sacrifice your time for your family to be able to accomplish your responsibilities at work.

And if you haven’t had any experience relative to the field of business coaching, that is not a problem anymore. FocalPoint is proud to say that they have a roster of experts that are willing to train the franchisee with all the necessary skills and knowledge required in the business. That way, the franchisees will be assured of the quality of their education and training.

If you are worrying if this business will stand strong against recession, then worry no more because this business feeds on the effects of recession among companies and businesses. The business coaching services from FocalPoint is specifically requested for because they provide the needed guide and boosting advices that can motivate companies to still move on and do better.

You can have all of these benefits at a very low investment cost amounting to $75,550 up to $121,950. Their one-time franchising fee will cost you only for $40,000. The franchising fee must be settled upon your agreement of the terms and conditions of the company. Next, you must also make it a point to allot $1.8k every month as the company’s charge for their share in your profits thru using the company’s name and system.

For you to be a qualified franchisee, your net worth must be at least $200,000. Your liquid cash must also reach $50,000. This business opportunity will be beneficial for you if you have a considerable industry and general business experience. You can surely reach financial success if you have exemplary marketing skills so that it will be easy for you to compete against other leading business coaching companies.


  • shahnawaz said on April 9, 2015
    sir i want to start business in patna(india)so guide me what will be the procedure
  • jacob said on January 16, 2019
    I currently own a LLC in renovations, but I recently got a new acrylic bathroom supplier. I want to advertise my products under a different name then my renovation business name. what are my options if I have any? thanks for the help.


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