Sweet Peas Farming

Growing sweet peas is definitely a profitable business to start. Bear in mind the need for rich soil, skills on growing techniques such as on treatment and maintenance, and knowledge on breeding different varieties to run the successful sweet peas farm.

Deciding to enter in sweet peas farming entails getting accustomed to some skills and knowledge.

This includes knowing their environment needs like the climate and soil and other things that is of great importance in successfully running the farm. For the climate, sweet peas require full sunlight exposure. As like with many kinds of plants, sunlight is a very important aspect. It helps on making the sweet peas reach their best condition and taste.

As with any other farm, rich soil is one of the necessities. Rich soil equates to having the best sweet peas harvest. For the soil treatment, it is advised to monthly feed it in with fertilizers that are high in potassium. Enriching the soil is same as enriching the harvest. However, it is also of great importance to prevent pest from pestering the sweet peas. But the good news is that, sweet peas have few pest problems.

Sweet peas often grow on bamboo tripods and even in shrubby plants. Providing the right place for the sweet peas to grow is very essential. The right breathing ground will greatly influence the kind of sweet peas that you are to harvest. It is better to spoil them with what they wanted and in that way, they will also grow in the way you expected.

In growing sweet peas, it is also of great importance to have knowledge on their different varieties. Each variety of course demands different treatment and maintenance requirements. Some of these varieties are the old fashioned, spencer cultivars and Bijou. Sweet peas’ farming is technically easily when you have the right knowledge.

Sweet peas are directly seeded. It is also recommended that seeds are to be soaked in water for an ample amount of time for the seed coats to soften and aid the germination process. When to be planted in warm ground, make sure the ground is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

On growing sweet peas it is also important to know when they have reached their matured size. Typically, sweet peas’ matured size is at six to eight inches. They usually bloom from the late spring up to summer. In cooler climates, they even bloom up until fall.

Apart from having the right knowledge and skills on growing sweet peas, it is also of great deal acquiring some management skills and marketing too especially when the farm is intended to be run at a large scale. Have connection to markets so you will have regular customers for your harvests as soon as gathered.


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