Starting a Supercuts Franchise Business

The Supercuts has now opened its doors to potential business partners and franchisees. The company is now the leading contemporary salon that caters to the male market.

oining the Supercut’s long line of franchises have great potential and success, which is great for businessmen who wants to grow in the hair-cutting and styling industry.

Supercuts Franchising Requirements

There is only a minimum requirement in franchising a Supercuts brand. An interested applicant does not need salon experience to avail one. The company is actually looking for people who can run and finance three or more stores in some areas, as long as you have the money.

Qualifications needed to Become a Supercuts Franchisee

Everybody can avail their own Supercuts franchise through the company’s web address. Requirement forms are needed to be filled out and submitted through internet.

One does not need to be a wealthy businessman to establish a salon/outlet, so long as they can have the financial backing of a bank in their area. Supercuts, however, needs proof that qualified candidates have a financial liquidity of $100,000 and a net worth of $300,000.

How much it Costs to Start a Supercuts Salon

The initial investment needed in having a franchise of Supercuts is $107,000 to $200,000, including the $22,500 franchising fee. An additional outlet will cost you $6,000 to $13,000. This is one of the cheapest franchises that you can avail.

Return of Your Investment

With some 2,000 store locations in the US alone, Supercuts has been known for its strategic locations making it more convenient for male customers who wanted their cut in comfort. This is also one way of ensuring the business’ growth. Its affordable prices and outstanding hairstyle techniques makes the brand a hit to male customers. The company is committed in providing its members flexible terms in acquiring the much needed profit.

Training that One Receives from Supercuts

Regis Corp., the main company handling the Supercuts Brand, is in charge of your staff’s training. A round-the-clock support is always available to some 4,500 salons under its name. Your staff will be subjected to extensive technical and hair-styling training for best cuts all the time. Management training can also be provided to you and your management staff should you need one.

How to Promote and Advertise your Supercuts Salon

The convenience of each Supercuts salon is an easy promotional strategy. It has been utilized by the company since its creation in 1976. The company has also entered into an agreement with big names in the car racing business giving the Supercuts national and international recognition. To date, Supercuts is well-known not only in the US but also in the neighboring Canada, Puerto Rico, and the UK. The wide range of salon outlets in the market gives a demographical approach to each of the customers who avail its services.


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