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Franchise a Dr. Vinyl business and find out the promising potential that it brings. Ever thought of establishing your own business but worrying about not knowing where to start and possibly being limited when it comes to the capital that you have on hand?

One of the leading businesses offering great franchising business opportunity is Dr. Vinyl. With the experience of more than forty years in the business of servicing homes, autos and businesses, there is no way for your investment not to become a success.

It has built on its reputation in being a reliable and established household and business name in mobile, home-based-appearance and reconditioning. The company extends services on different materials such as vinyl, leather, windshield, fabric, plastic and even far reaching to auto touch-ups when it comes to paint or dent repairs or even accessories needed. The service is just endless allowing it to cater to the vast and growing need of their customer base.

This relatively proves reason enough how promising a franchise with Dr. Vinyl is, something that the company eagerly wants to share with aspiring entrepreneurs and business persons out there. Truly, the company believes that with the vast services they provide there is so much room for further expansion so that you can work on reaching out to customers in addressing their day to day needs. The client base is just so big that business opportunities are continually raking up. This then never makes it difficult for you to market the business – for the simple reason that your services will be needed by almost everyone. From homes to businesses – people will continue to have the need to be serviced and as a franchisee of the business, you will have the opportunity to answer this call while making the most out of your investment and thus further growing your business. The staying power of Dr. Vinyl’s business has been proven for several years as a proof of its continual evolution and thirst to address its ever changing and adding customer needs. With this, they have built on their track record for quality and customer orientation. What other better foundation to work on than reliability?

As part of the ever growing business with Dr. Vinyl, there are numerous benefits that you will enjoy. This includes the following advantages:

  • Protected territory
  • National accounts program
  • Continuing training and support
  • Big savings on product purchases
  • Exciting retirement program
  • Unlimited customer base
  • Constant development of new products/services
  • Monthly advertising assistance
  • Low overhead
  • Proven business plan

You need $32,500 as initial franchise fee and the total investment is amounting to $44,000-$69,500 to be Dr. Vinyl & Associates Franchisee. The Royalty Fee is 7% and the term of agreement is ten years.



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