Open a Power Tool Shop

If you want to open a power tool shop, make sure that you begin with a business plan so that you can have a guide. Choose an ideal location, apply for business license, find a supplier, arrange the store, and hire employees.

These are some of the things that you have to do prior to opening the shop.

Start with a Tool Shop Business Plan

If you are planning to open a power tool shop, you can make use of this simple guide. Like any other type of business, you will need to begin with a plan. Create business plan for the power tool shop and you can use the internet resources to help you in accomplishing one. You don’t have to hire a professional because that would mean additional cost on your part. A typical plan will consist of marketing information, advertising, financials, and management. Before you take another step, you will need to determine what power tools are. Power tools are those powered by gasoline engine, compressed air motor, rotary tools, or electric motor.

The power tool types include power drills, saws, and air compressors. The power drills can consist of cordless drills, core drills, hammer drills, pistol-grip, right-angle, and screw guns. Saws include Jigsaws and circular saws. The power tools also include rotary tools that are usually used by handy helpers for professional applications as well as DIY projects. The air compressors are not just for tires but you can also use this to power spray guns, wrenches, nail guns, and many others. There are many trustworthy names in the industry like Makita, DeWalt, Black and Decker, Hitachi, Bosch, Skil, Dremel, Milwaukee, Panasonic, and Porter Cable.

Finding a Supplier for Opening a Power Tool Shop

You can check out these power tools manufactures and see if you like their product lines. You will need to determine which tools you want to sell and this will make up the inventory. It would be best to find an ideal location in your area that is along other commercial establishments or stores so that your customers can easily find your shop. Apply for the business license in advance because this can take some time and is quite costly too depending on the state or country you live.

Finding a reputable and viable supplier is vital as well. There are so many suppliers in the market and some provide fake items. To ensure that you’re getting genuine products, you can use the internet to find the right supplier. You can check their backgrounds and ask for discounts on bulk purchases. The supplier with a good background that offers the best deal is the best choice. Arrange your inventory inside the store in groups or sections so that customers can easily find them. Come up with a great design in the store and hire the needed staff or employees to help you out. Soon you can already open your power tool shop.


  • Sujikumar said on February 24, 2013
    Dear, I wanted to start a power tool and General tool with some household /kitchen items. In Trivandrum , Kerala, India. 20 lakhs
  • ameer abbas said on March 18, 2013
    i have a plan to open a power tools showroom and service centre in trichy, tamil nadu, india. i need best name for my business concern.
  • saqib said on August 16, 2013
    Hi I am a resident of old delhi near chawri bazar. please advise me how and what type of business i should start.
  • Ankit dang said on April 28, 2014
    I have shop of power toolsin Gurgaon haryana near by sadar bazaar! i deal in all brands like dewalt, bosch, hitachi, makita n so on! I want to grow up my business so how should i do!
  • krishna dhungana said on March 16, 2015
    hi dear sir i'm krishna i want open small scale power tools and general tool showroom in east nepal how can i start ? what brand is good can you advice me ?
  • amar singh said on March 18, 2015
    sir i want to start a shop of power tools but how can i decide a best location for business and how it management in any city.
  • GEE VARGHESE E.V said on October 22, 2015
  • Ignacio said on January 2, 2016
    Hi,i am a web developer from brazil looking to make a website for any interested tool/hardware shop, if you are interested in having a website for your shop add me over on skype at : Ignacio Alfredo Savi
  • Hemachandra K said on July 10, 2016
    I will start power tools sales and service pls advice what is the capital to start a business
  • Bhaskar Gajje said on August 10, 2016
    I will start power tools sales and services sages information please help me
  • Joemon said on November 14, 2016
    I would like to start a small power tools rental shop in kerala, seeking the advice to my dream becomes true, experts can advice for all the necessary requirements please.
  • Hardik shishangiya said on February 14, 2017
    I would like to start power tools business in Rajkot Gujarat because now I am working with power tools company and I have enough experience in power tools business. So kindly suggest how will start my own business and necessary requirements.
  • Jinu said on April 4, 2017
    I will start power tools sales and service in kerala pls advice what is the capital to start a business
  • jojy tp said on February 24, 2019
    I am planning to start a small power tool shop
  • Razi Imam said on April 25, 2021
    To open power tool shop plzzzz tell me investment
  • RAJA SUDHA said on June 8, 2021
    Hi Sir/Madam, We would like to start power tool business like Grinding machines,drilling machines smaller sales with service in Tumkur, please advice how much capital investment and which is best for the power tools please suggest me. Thanking you With regards
  • Sandeep said on June 22, 2021
    hi dear sir i'm sandeep i want open small scale power tools and general tool showroom in punjab how can i start ? what brand is good can you advice me ?
  • RJ.Vasu said on July 9, 2021
    I want to start Power tool shop in Chennai what should be the capital stock investment ?
  • Sreeraj said on January 18, 2023
    Can you kindly provide the list of asic tools required for opening a shop, for agricultural and construction division


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