Starting a Home and Garden Shop

When putting up your own home and garden shop, you will have to focus on the business plan. Create a business plan that will work for you. You can grow flowering plants as well as vegetables.

It would be ideal to begin with a home garden of your own to gain experience and later on, you can produce more to market in your local area.

Starting a Vegetable Garden for Experience

A home garden can grow vegetables and flowers, even trees. This will depend on the available yard space. You can even grow combinations especially if you want to start your very own home and garden shop. Even if the business is going to be located at home, you still need to prepare a business plan. The plan will serve as your guide to success and it will help you address the different aspects of the business with ease. If you decide to grow both flowers and vegetables, you will need to follow these steps.

When growing veggies, you will surely find satisfaction and it can also be beneficial to your health. Planting is a reliever of stress. The first thing that you have to do is to find an ideal location for planting vegetables. Choose a sunny spot in your garden and start working on the compact soil. You must dig the soil to make it loose and apply organic compost or animal manure. You can get a fertilizer from the nursery or gardening store in your area. Determine the veggies that you can grow in your region. Pick only a few when you’re starting out and learn about the growth requirements of each plant.

Starting a Flower Garden and the Home Shop

When starting a flower garden, you will need to choose the varieties that are suitable in your region. Determine how large the shady spot is as well the sunny ones. Since you already used a large portion for the vegetable garden, you can grow flowers that love the shades. You can still grow varieties that love the sun but you must plant them on the sunny areas. If you have parched areas, you can grow drought-resistant flowering plants. You must ensure that the soil is well drained and check the pH level of the soil before planting.

After you’ve decided on the vegetables and flowers to grow, you can now focus on your home and garden shop. Use a spare room in the house and turn it into an attractive and very appealing shop. The decorations should complement with the type of business you’re into. Don’t forget to post the flowers and vegetables that you’re growing so that customers can easily find it if your shop has the needed flowers or veggies. Secure the needed business license in advance so that once you launch the business, you can operate legally. Funding is not much of a problem because you can start with a home garden but with a shop, you will need to produce more.

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  • Artem said on October 20, 2010
    I locate in Russia, Moscow. For a little less than a year I have been working in a company engaged in cooperate and coir garden articles manufacturing. Now I am really interested in these area and in a year or two I wish to start (to open) my own retail shop for gardeners.I wish to have my shop be the one for people who grow pot flowers at their homes. The only thing I couldn't find in Internet is what is seasonality for such a products sales. Could you help me with this as per the same situation in your country? Looking forward your kindly reply! Thank you! Sincerely yours, Artem Khachumyan


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