How to Start a Stratus Building Solutions Franchise

One of the most profitable business ventures in the country may be found in the commercial cleaning industry. That is why Stratus Building Solutions provides options that an entrepreneur like you need to grow and have your own successful business venture.

Generally, the commercial cleaning industry is the ideal business venture for businessmen that want to have a successful career.

The Stratus Green Clean agenda is one of the flagship projects of the company, where the environmentally-friendly plan is disseminated throughout all of its first time franchisees.


All of the potential business partners are required by the Stratus Building Solutions to have the necessary abilities to make the business grow in their respective areas. The essential experience in business is also a requirement. In order to sign the deal with the Stratus Building, an eye for business, and more over, personal constrains for success is needed. You should also have the monetary capability and a liquid capital of at least $40,000 to have the company sign the deal with you.


You will also be subjected to citizenship qualification. You should also be not less than 21-years-old, and has time to commit for the franchise in order to qualify. Aside from time commitment, financing, and good credit history, a good entrepreneurial outlook is also required by Stratus Building to make sound decision for the business.

In operating a franchise, more participation of the owner and a having a creative mind is really needed.

Cost of Investment:

Around $3,500 to $57,800 is needed to start your very own Stratus Building Solutions business. A franchising fee of $3,000 to $47,000 is already included in the initial investment cost. A five percent royalty fee from the franchise’s annual revenue will be deducted by the mother company.

The initial investment cost, however, does not cover the overall estimate which also covers the real estate costs. This cheaper way of doing business is always a sure way to success. But the internet page of the company did not mention if the cost will include the cost of equipment that will be used by the staff.

Return of Investment:

Over the long history of the Stratus Building Solutions, the business has grown more and more successful making the return of investment in one franchise to be an easy flow. People are now looking for a more practical and cheaper way of cleaning their houses and buildings so this kind of investment will be a sure hit.


For your staff’s overall training, the company will take care of it, including the main support process for all the franchise. An extensive training on the technical and operational procedures of the company will also be handed down to your franchise. Other benefits of the company include management training, conventions, and regional seminars which will be held at the headquarters of the company.

Promotion and Advertising:

A toll-free hotline will be provided for all the franchises. An internet security procedure will also be given to all the clients to secure all transactions in the Internet. Other promotional supports will also be handed down to the franchise, which includes field operations processing for all the clients, meetings, newsletters, and other forms of advertisements.

Ads slicks, Co-op ads, and other forms of advertising media will also be utilized to give the company a competitive advantage. Based on the request of the franchisee, geographical supports will be give for free by Stratus Building. This also includes site requirement reviews.


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