How to Start a Digikids Franchise

Digikids specializes in the safety and protection of every child by securing a unique identification that will aid in reuniting any missing child with the parent.

The franchise is not only a stepping stone to financial freedom but also a fulfilling business model that gives the franchise owner the unique opportunity in promoting child safety.

The digikids child ID CD is considered as the most advanced and effective child safety program in the market. Parents can rest assured that they can act accordingly if fate brings them to the situation wherein they cannot find their child while out.

While people are in constant search for a way to find financial stability, it is a huge risk to invest in something from scratch. While this option may be fulfilling for some this is not always the case as people are not always as successful as they planned to be. This is why engaging in a franchise is a better option. The entrepreneur and franchise owner can benefit from a proven business model and start managing his or her own business with an already established credibility.

Digikids offers fast onsite child protection wherein all the information remains onsite and the parent is ensured absolute privacy. The system utilizes the patented technology that neither created nor stores the information of the child. The system is currently being used by several institutions throughout the country including private schools, public schools, daycares, youth organization to name a few. It is offered onsite at Business Sponsored Safety events and online. Therefore this franchise opportunity is not only a good option for business but also a fulfilling one as you will be helping a lot of children. Digikids seeks exceptional individuals with the drive a goal to achieve success and provide service to the community.

To start a digikids franchise you will first need to review on the. Though it is not a pre requisite for application( it is always best to have an ample amount of knowledge with regards to any business you wish to partake in. Be able to identify the location you wish to set up and the territory you will be handling. The fees for the franchise will depend greatly on the location of your business. You will not necessarily need an office space since it may be a home based business. In the franchise you can enjoy a very Low overhead with great earnings potential all in all setting your own working schedule. Turn key territories are available for only $29,900 inclusive of all of the necessities required for your business and there are neither royalty fees nor advertising fees. The net worth requirement is around $100,000 and a cash liquidity requirement of $30,000. There will be a 2 day training class for applicants at the headquarters and as per operations are concerned, franchise can be run from home and absentee ownership of franchise is not allowed.


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