How to Register a Franchise

The registration of a franchise is an important legality in setting up a business that must not be forgotten as it will decide the overall success of your company since it will show that you are credible and legal to offer products and services to the community.

There are many things to consider in starting up a business, the business model, the finances, the franchise you wish to consider and many others.

One of the most important aspects of starting a business is registering your business or franchise. The government is strict on the legalities of people and their businesses in the country and it would be financial suicide to go along running a company that does not hold legal credibility. The operation of an unregistered business is illegal and punishable by law, therefore it has a certain roster of consequences that you would not want to be held liable for as the business or franchise owner. The registration process depends on the type of business you plan on operating and should usually be done before the company can be considered operational or open for business. This process is conducted at the Secretary of State’s office.

Before you begin registering your franchise you must first review all your legal documentation. Be able to determine the type of franchise by the basis of contract. Your allegiance and partnership to the franchiser and the contract that has been signed in accordance to it will identify your business and mark it as credible depending on the legal right the contract has in itself. It is with cases like these that it would be best to consult with a lawyer to review the legalities of your documents.

Prepare the essential organizational articles and documentation that you have acquired from the franchiser, these include the incorporation articles, the organizational articles, partnership agreements, and proprietorship documents. Prepare and file these documents at the Secretary of State and have them verified accordingly. You may either request online or personally the forms required for the registration of your franchise. Fill up these forms accordingly and avoid unanswered spaces or errors.

Depending on the location of your business and where you plan on registering it, you will need to abide by certain local rules and these vary per state. You may be required to submit other forms of documentation relevant to your location and if you are unsure what your state requires from you it would be wise to either do your research on the internet or call them directly to ask for the requirements to register your franchise so as to save on the time of going there and finding out that you lack certain necessary documents to file for registration.

Lastly once you have readied all the necessary paperwork’s and have had them reviewed accordingly you may now summit your documents for approval at the Secretary of State.


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    Please help with a franchise form for me to set up a franchise enterprise for a solar energy in ghana. Thank you. Regards, Nana Minkah


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