How to Find Franchise Owners

Every now and then an instance will occur wherein a particular person, a customer or just a random passerby, will want to find out who is behind the name of a popular franchise brand; with this there are several ways to go about locating a franchise owner.

There are several franchises all across the country. Because these are franchises they do not all fall under the same management.

No matter how similar their establishment is the key factor to remember is that if the brand name franchises, then you may not be dealing with the direct establishment rather a franchise owner. At times people will want to locate the franchise owner and find out who he is, be it for positive or negative reasons depending on the instance at hand. To go about this go directly to the establishment you are interested in and directly ask the staff or person in charge about the franchise and the franchise owner. If these are personal and restricted matters then you may always opt for the printed matter they have on the wall namely the printed business license. These business licenses however may not be in viewable distances and may be hung far from the counter, in which cases you may want to go to the internet to gather more information.

Search on franchise listing in your location and pinpoint the franchise you are interested in. There are several business listings that you can search into to find what you are looking for. Since the business is registered and has a clear tax certificate with the local government you are bound to find a name registered next to it somewhere, otherwise you can always call the business listings line or go through the local business website. There are also several other sites online which you can search for franchise owners, all you have to do is accurately pinpoint the name and location of the franchise you have concerns with and you should come up with results in no time.

If you still cannot get the information you require from these methods then you may also directly call the main branch of the franchise and inform them of your concerns. With good enough leads and information to get your message across, they will be more than happy to supply you with the information you require for locating the franchise owner of that establishment. Franchises have a reputation that they must keep clean and will go through great lengths to ensure that this reputation maintains good and untarnished. With that most franchises will more than happy to help you with your concerns. In most cases the main branch or parent company may choose to mediate the concern and directly handle it. With that make sure you have all the information you need to back up your claims and clearly identify the franchise owner and the corresponding establishment to make sure that there are no misunderstandings along the way. It is important to keep everything clear and stick to the facts.

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  • Ian McArthur said on February 3, 2011
    Is there, to your knowledge, a company in UK which keeps spare keys for residential properties and can deliver (for an appropriate fee) or owners can collect, if they lose their key? I am actually interested in taking this idea to Australia.


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