How to Verify a Business License

In our modern age where digital information dominates, ways to verify a business license has ultimately become quite easy.

These types of licenses are formally granted by each state to their people.

Thus, you should do some research on the states where businesses are required to be licensed. The procedure that will be conducted in this case will also differ by state. However, the general and most often used procedure is the same.

Getting Started

In this moderately easy task, the first thing that you need to attend to is to select a state. A particular person is more probably is licensed in their state where he or she is operating her business venture. However, keep it in mind that this will not always be the same most especially if the business activity of that particular person will cross the state lines. So if you will be in this kind of situation during which you are in doubt, you have to check and see the states of current or even previous residence of that person as well. When checking or rather verifying licenses, especially that of a business establishment, you must be wary and sure of the things you do in order for you to avoid being scolded by your boss or being engage in legal issues. There will be no room for doubt in this task.

Once you have chosen the state, the second step of the process will be the identification of the licensing body of the person involved. You have to take notice that the name of every licensing body usually varies in each of the state. There are even times where it is the Department of Professional Regulation, the Department of Consumer Affairs, or the Division of Corporations who are responsible in such cases. It is more likely that a search for a “business license” of the state on the website of the Secretary of the State will be your most appropriate link.

Furthermore, in order for you to verify someone else’s business license, you will have to search it by name. When you have already reached the point where you deal with the licensing body, most of the states have online search functions which will proceed to their database. It will then give you the proper results on the particular parameters. But the easiest way there is for you to search is to simply look for the name of the person. However, there are times where the name of the person is very common. In these cases, you will be provided with numerous search results that will make the verification process a lot longer and harder. When this happens, you will have to go through other kind of information to have a satisfying result.

You can also have a search through the license type of the business. It is often presented in a form of a dropdown menu. Sometimes, this process will be one of the discreet options but in other countries, it may be one of the series of choices which are designed to make your search specific. Moreover, another way to verify such licenses is searching by the use of the license number. This is classified as the least common parameter but still one of the important searches.


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