Writing a Business Memo

Business memorandums are important in business ventures. This helps the member of the organization or the company to communicate, with either their clients or their other business associates as well, without going to so much hassle like meetings that are time-consuming.

Aside from this, business memo is also an efficient as well as an effective means of conveying important information within the organization.

Others usually complain about making a business memo, this is especially when it is their first time of doing it. Most often than not, they find it difficult to write one since they do not know what to include and what to exclude. Thus, here are some tips on how to write a business memo.

  • Business Memo Style
  • In most cases, the business memo writing style is formal. However, do not make it too formal to the extent that it might intimidate the one who is reading it. This might cause unnecessary emotional ruckus if that happens. Thus, you just have to remember that when writing your business memo, you have to focus yourself with one aim which is most probably the same aim of the other correspondence. That aim is to have an effective communication with each other. In addition to this, bear in mind that a business memo is most effective if they communicate your purpose with the needs and interests of the other correspondence.

  • Business Memo Structure

  • Your business memo must have a definite structure not only to impress your reader but to also make them clearly understand your purpose. The structure of a business memo generally includes the your name or your group’s name who are the ones sending the memo, the one being addressed by the memo, and the subject or the body of the business memo.

With regards to the subject of your memo, be sure that you write it in bold letters. Make sure that the tone of your memo, which is generally read within the body of your letter, must be friendly but professional. Also, make your memo brief, concise, simple and straight to the point. Your reader will be bored if you beat around the bush. Verily, most of them normally do not have enough time to read your business memo so make say what you want immediately. If you think it necessary to introduce first your purpose, make it with a short paragraph. Take advantage of the bullet points to properly outline your memo. Also, with the use of bullets, you can explain clearly and specifically the essential parts of your memo. Lastly, do not forget to include a short and sincere thank you when you are about to finish your business memo. This will be your finishing touch. If you want to be sure, you can research for templates or samples of business memo in the internet and download it to your computer. That way, you can have a guide while you are writing your memo.


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