What is Microsoft Office Works

There are many things that you must accomplish when you own a business. If you’re interested to get software, you must make the right choice.

For small business, the Microsoft Office Works is what you need to get things done quickly.

When looking for a home productivity software suite, you can consider Microsoft Office Works. This program is less expensive and smaller than the MS Office Suite because of fewer features. The core function of this program includes database management system, spreadsheet, and word processor. The new versions come with a dictionary and calendar application. The older versions even had a terminal emulator. This program originally started as Mouseworks which included a database, word processor, and spreadsheet. It was designed for Macintosh by Don Williams.

What You Should Know About the Microsoft Works?

The popularity of the Microsoft Office Works was due to the laptops. This is compatible with different MS office document formats like .doc and .xls; you can also work on spreadsheets. Task panes are included although the updated features are unlimited. Larger organizations will benefit from the .WPS word processor, .WDB database, and the .WKS spreadsheet file formats but it is the home-based businesses that mainly use the program. You can install the 2007 Office System pack, the spreadsheet, and the Works Word Processor. After this, you can export the Office Open XML format. Through the Works Calendar, you can record your appointments. It is also integrated with the Windows Address Books and the Windows Contacts to save the anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions.

If you’re running a home business, you should get the Microsoft Office Works. This is what you need in order to manage your business effectively. You can make everyday tasks very easy since this productivity tool is very efficient. There are many things that you can do like create resumes, letters, greeting cards, and many others. The built-in dictionary, clip art, and templates will come very handy. You can keep records, plan improvements, and track budget. You can find or launch projects/programs through the Works Task Launcher.

Coordinating your tasks will be easy with the Microsoft Office Works. Even if you’re too busy, you will not miss out on any task. The basic tools can already be found from this program. There are system requirements that you must meet before installing the software. You will need Pentium 1 GHz or a faster processor, Windows XP Professional, 14,400 bps, 1024 x 768, 4 times faster CD Y ROM/DVDS, 470 MB available disk space, and 256 MB RAM. When you have complied with the system requirements, you can now install the software. This is what you need to get things done. There are many things you can do with this suite, so get one now!

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