Fictitious Business License

License is very important in any business venture. It grants permission on every business establishment to operate legally. Absence of such may declare your business operations illegal.

Therefore it is a must-have for any business establishment before operating. Nowadays, different licenses have emerged. One kind of these licenses is the fictitious business license.

Fictitious Business License or DBA License

Fictitious business license are also referred to as DBA License. DBA stands for “doing business as”. This is often acquired when you use a fictitious name other than your own legal name. Big time business establishments are examples of this type of license. They register a different name instead of the owner’s real name. So if you are planning to open multiple businesses or create a business banking account, then you should acquire DBA license. This is also applicable when advertising your products in another name and if you make a brand separate than your own real name.

DBA license like any other license is required by law. This will actually vary according to the state law that your country possess. However, these licenses have one aim and that is to protect the public interest. More specifically, the purpose of this DBA license is to protect consumers if there comes a time when they have a problem with your product. This has also an advantage to you. Through this license, you will be granted legal protection by law. You can sign any contracts without a worrying thought that you might be apprehended by law enforcers. It is also a kind of recognition. Through this license, your business establishment will be known to other businesses. Therefore, there will be no duplication of name. If you do not register otherwise, you might face legal issues during the operation of your business.

How to Acquire DBA License?

The requirements for DBA license will depend on your state law. As mentioned already in the preceding paragraphs, it will vary on what the law governing your community or locality. So you must first research these laws. Having knowledge about these particular laws will give you an edge on your business. After knowing your state law, go to the nearest county office. This is where you will register your DBA. Before registering, make sure that your name will be catchy. Remember, the name that you will register here is what you will use when your business starts operating.

Upon arriving to the county office, approach the clerk. The clerk will instruct you on what to do. There is also a first time filing fee and a renewal filing fee. Most probably, the first time filing fee is much costly than that of the renewal fee. Renewal of your DBA will again be given by the state law of the locality where you are a resident. But generally, renewal of the DBA is every five years. Any additional fictitious name will also mean additional fee. The additional fee only costs little so do not worry. After paying all the fees, then it is done. Other state however requires for the publication of your DBA in newspaper of general circulation. So read your state laws.

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