How to Start a Prepaid Calling Card Business

Starting a prepaid calling card business is just like having a continuous flow of money on your hand.

Calling cards are still one of the cheapest ways to call locally and even abroad.

The Prepaid Calling Cards for International Calls

Establishing your own prepaid calling cards business for international calls can be a good business and can earn you a lot. Most people today assume that the business of calling cards are falling out in the pit because of the development of cell phones, however, this is just a false allegation. As a matter of fact, calling cards are still considered the cheapest way to call abroad.

The Business Plan and the Funding

First of all, you must write a good prepaid calling card business plan. Know your suppliers and the things you will need in managing the technical phases of your business. Identify clearly your market and the advertisement that you are planning to do. Compute all the business costs and list down a forecast of revenue and how your costs can be covered. The funds that must be obtained should cover up the start up cost of the business for the first year. You can ask your friends or banks for personal loans.

The Software and the Servers

Choosing a software solution for your prepaid calling card venture must also be prioritized and carefully researched. You can employ a team of programmer to create a client software solution or you can utilize the program called CardSaver. The job of this software includes verifying PIN of the client’s calling card, answering inbound call, assigning the call’s available minutes, and updating the account balance after the call. You must get the necessary server and hosting for your business to run. There are two factors that must be considered when choosing your server and these are the software that you have chosen or developed and the quantity of simultaneous callers that you have. For large volumes of calls, you might need multiple servers to use and all of them must be hosted professionally in a co-location resource.

Airtime Necessity, Printer, and Partner

The operation of prepaid calling card business especially for international calls requires you to purchase airtime calls from long distance carrier. There are lots of network carriers where you can buy airtime calls in bulk since bulk purchases are definitely low price. Then, the cards only require printer and print shops can handle this job of printing you a nice design of cards. For selling, retail partners can do it for you. Just find partnerships with good retail locations for the selling of your cards.


  • Chris omondi said on March 21, 2011
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  • Priscilla said on February 5, 2012
    I started international (Global) calling card business but need long distance network carriers where I can buy airtime calls in bulk. my business is located in New York, USA. I also want to be able to print my own calling card. I need help on how to do it.
  • GLENN MENDEZ said on March 12, 2012
    Hi Priscilla, For the airtime I can't help you but for the print of your calling cards i can. If you are interested please email me at i'm located here in chicago.
  • yoo said on October 26, 2012
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    3-what is the cost a cart printer?
    4-nigeria and cameroon are two neighboring countries, but long distance calls in cameroon are 10 times expensive than in nigeria. what are the reasons? and what does it takes to bring down the cost?
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