Corporate Identity Brand Building

Corporate identity brand building is basically instilling into the minds of consumers, a positive notion on the service or product that the company is offering.

This is through a tangible object, a sign, symbol, word, phrase or logo that will constantly remind the customer of the company and the products.

A corporate identity is the corporate personality of the business. The business has set a list of standards, objectives and goals that are facilitated by the corporate identity. This is usually carried about through the branding of products and services or by using trademarks. To create this corporate identity through brand building, the business should be able to instill a particular persona into the target audience that is unique and distinguishable to their product or service.

Logos and titles of the company are created based on a set of rules or guidelines. It is with the use of guidelines that the corporate identity of the product or service is established. It is a distinct personality that the company has sole control and ownership over and through this the company establishes brand recognition. Therefore when it comes to naming and designing a logo, much thought must be put into it. Colors, textures, font size, font face, designs and symbols must all be considered and reviewed thoroughly. Different cultures react to different colors differently and may either have positive or negative feedbacks to the logo.

Consider what tool or material you will be using in building your corporate identity brand. Also adjust to the location to which you will be presenting your logo or designs. When you promote your brand you would not want to unintentionally initiate a negative response from your target audience. Different locales react in different ways to particular shapes, colors, textures; fonts etc. and you would not want to get off on the wrong foot. Make sure to review what you have designed before you present it, or better yet have someone from your target audience review it for you.

When it comes to brand building online, usually people cannot identify photos but rather associate the brand with a word, phrase or tag line. These are keywords that may be used in identifying your products. Since there is a possibility that several other brands may show up with the same word, phrase or tag line, it is best to do your research beforehand to make sure that what you come up with is as unique as possible, and does not get mistaken with something else.

Having a brand identity is very important to ensure the success of any company. It is a name, phrase, symbol or display that is used to identify to the product or services offered to the clientele. Thus it is the ideal perception of what the company or business wants the target audience to perceive their product or service as. Therefore labeling and describing what you wish to entail will help you to design this brand identity. The customers must be able to identify it in a positive way to ensure its success.

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  • y.balaraju said on March 11, 2012
    we are starting new bio - agro products business in Andhra pradesh state (in South India) pls suggest me firm tittle & logo


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