How to Wrap a Christmas Present

This article provides a follow-on step-by-step procedure on how to wrap a Christmas present. Christmas holiday is among the most awaited holidays the whole year round. It is a busy season that often involves shopping, parties, and simply celebrating. Parties, regardless of its setting (whether home, office or in a formal function), would never be complete without gift-giving.

This is where presents come in. Gifts, as they are commonly known, are as important as the season’s trappings and decorations during parties.

However, some individuals encounter trouble in the aspect of gift wrapping. In as much they want their package to be appealing and visually stimulating, they just do not know how to wrap a Christmas present. It is in this light that this article aims to guide these individuals by providing a step-by-step process in gift wrapping. It is therefore safe to say that learning how to wrap a present is an important skill to possess as one can use this not only during Christmas, but as well as on other occasions.

The exterior shape of your gift is of utmost consideration in wrapping it. Rectangles and those which come with a box are easiest to wrap. For those which do not have, one can procure a used box (say, shoes box or a box from previous gifts received) or purchase a new one from a gift or department store. Also, one can make his or her own cardboard box.

The steps to wrapping a Christmas present are easy: (1) Gather all materials needed (scissors, gift wrapper, gift tag, adhesive tape). Put them in one area where one wishes to carry out the gift wrapping task. (2) Get the gift. Check for its price tag. If it is still there, remove it cleanly. Place it inside the box. (3) Get the gift wrapper. Lay and unroll it on the table. (4) Place the box containing the gift within the wrapper. Test wrapping the box by allowing an overlap allowance of approximately 2 inches. Be certain that there is enough gift wrapper allowance left when folded to cover the sides of the box. (5) Mark the overlap using a pencil. Using a scissor, cut it in a straight line. One can either fold the paper to produce a creased line or use a yard stick to be able to cut it straightly. (6) Once the gift wrapper has been cut, put the box containing the gift at its center (side with no prints). (7) Bring one side of the wrapper to the center of the box and secure it with the use of adhesive tape. (8) Turn the other end of the wrapper to the other side of the box and secure it as well using the same tape. Be sure that it overlaps with the prior secured end. (9) Place the box in a position that faces the one wrapping it. Grasp both of its edges (left and right). Push its side forming the top and bottom flaps. Secure the edges by taping them to the box. (10) Bring down the flaps to the side of the box and tape them. (11) Repeat steps 9 and 10 to the opposite side of the box.


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