How to Grow Sprouts

Growing sprouts follows a certain cycle that is needed to be followed accordingly to assure a good harvest and profit as well.

The cycle consists of soaking, draining, rinsing, drying, and harvesting.

Growing sprouts for money is indeed a very convenient way to earn money. Any whole grain, seed or legumes can be sprouted. Steps on how to grow sprouts are generally simple and do not require you to spend much for the business to materialize.

There are different sources sprouts that you can actually grow such as seeds, beans, nuts and grains. Further, these types of sprouts have different varieties as well and it is very important that you have knowledge on which of them to grow. Alfalfa and clover are categorized as the best seeds; mung, lentil, garbanzo as the best beans; best nuts are almonds and filberts; while wheat berries and rye are the best grains to grow.

Knowing how to grow sprouts can be summarized into soak-strain-rinse-dry-harvest cycle. Here are the basics on starting your sprouting business.

Sprouting can be done in a quart jar. Make sure it is clean and will not induce rotting of the seeds. Before putting the seeds on the quart jar, wash the seeds with water and make sure also that they are untreated. As per jar, two tablespoon of seeds would be fine or at least one cup of large beans.

Remember that in soaking the seeds, the amount of water depends on the quantity and size of the seeds. The level of water inside the jar should be three to four times as much as the seeds’ volume. Cover the jar on top with a cheese cloth and sealed with rubber band. Soaking the seeds should last for about two to eight hours depending on the quantity of seeds.

After soaking, strain the seeds and then fill the jar again with water for rinsing and then drain it until dried. Drying may take at least 30 minutes. To maintain the seeds at its best condition, storing the jar in warm and dark place will do a lot of help.

This process of soaking, draining, rinsing and drying is advised to be done two to four times a day. Repeat this same process for about four to five days when in warmer climate. You will notice that as the day progress, green leaves and shoots will gradually appear. This signals that they are ready for harvest. When noticing so, rinse the seeds and shake before harvesting and then place them inside the fridge.

Sprouts are best incorporated to salads and sandwiches. They can also be used as garnishes and can be of course cooked.

These steps on how to grow the sprouts are basically effortless to follow. Growing sprouts for money will really be profitable especially when given the right attention.

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  • Angel said on February 21, 2012
    I'd be interested in a discussion about using the sprouted wheat in a loaf of bread. Price talks about that, but I've never taken the time to figure out how to do it. Perhaps you could discuss that also?


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